Nigerian Man Who Killed Mother In Wickford Essex Confesses “I Stabbed Her To Death Bcos”


nigerian boy stabbed mother death

April 4, 2014 – Nigerian Man Who Killed Mother In Wickford Essex Confesses  “I Stabbed My Mum To Death Bcos She Abused Me”

21-year-old Nigerian boy Emmanuel Kalejaiye who stabbed his accountant mother to death last year has confessed.

After brutally killing his mother, he bought women’s clothes and high heel shoes and learn to walk in high heels in order to cover up the murder and buy time to dispose off her corpse.

44-year-old, an accountant by profession put a distress call through when his son was about to stab her in their kitchen.

The murder was exposed when his mother called a friend, Leo Shogunle during the attack.

The call, which went to voicemail, was played in court. Accountant Tolu yelled: “Don’t stab me, don’t stab me, you’re a demon.”

Leo received the message later that day and found the body with more than 40 stab wounds on her kitchen floor in Wickford, Essex.Kalejaiye told police: “I admit killing my mother. She subjected me to a lifetime of abuse. She used the Bible to rationalise what she did.”

Prosecutors believe the act was premeditated as they found knives, gloves and a makeshift mask he bought.The trial is still ongoing.

What a wicked son! May her soul rest in peace.