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Nigerian Woman Caught With 100 Pellets Of Ingested Heroin

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Nigerian Woman Caught With 100 Pellets Of Ingested Heroin

bola adebisi nigerian woman caught with drugBola Adebisi

May 14, 2012 – Nigerian Woman, Bola Adebisi Caught With 100 Pellets Of Ingested Heroin

According to a recent report, the dream to acquire a Mercedes Benz, own a house in Lekki/Ajah and become one of the party attendants within and outside the country has been dashed as a Nigerian woman, Bola Adebisi, set an unenviable world record for amount of ingested heroin ever recovered when she tried to smuggle five pounds of heroin in 180 pellets into the U.S.

Bola Adebisi, World’s Record Breaking Heroin Smuggler

A Nigerian man broke previous world record for ingesting 4 pounds of heroin in 100 Pellets

It was a show of shame yesterday for the 52-year old Nigerian woman, Bola Adebisi when she was caught by Air Dulles International Airport Officials with ingested 180 thumb-sized pellets filled with heroin.

How Bola Adebisi Was Caught

The Airport officers became suspicious when she was questioned after arriving on Ethiopian Airlines flight 500 from Adis Ababa.bola adebisi heroin dealer nigerian woman

Adebisi claimed she was visiting her brother in the U.S., but she was unable give details of her “brother” and his address. A routine pat-down showed that her belly was suspiciously rigid, and an X-ray revealed to astonished officials that she had in her stomach 180 thumb-sized pellets with a total weight of five pounds.

Steve Sapp of the Customs and Border Protection, said: “We were kind of shocked and surprised at the sheer number of pellets she ingested.

We usually see men twice her size ingest about half of what she did.”

According to International Business Times, Adebisi broke a previous record for ingested drugs set on March 30, 2011, by another Nigerian man,

46-year-old Yomade Aborishade of Lagos, Nigeria, who was arrested for ingesting four pounds of heroin in 100 pellets.

The lady was taken to the hospital where overnight, she passed out all the pellets containing heroin worth an estimated 150,000 pounds.

Christopher Hess, director of Customs and Border Patrol for Washington D.C. said: “The amount of pellets and heroin this woman ingested is incredible, a serious health risk, and very troubling if these numbers become the new normal.”

Authorities say drug mules often attempt to smuggle heroin and cocaine, and sometimes ecstasy by swallowing latex balloons, often condoms or fingers of latex gloves or other special pellets filled with the drugs and later recovered from faeces. It is a medically dangerous way of smuggling small amounts of drugs and a mule can die if a packet bursts or leaks before exiting the body.

Statistics from 2003 show over 50% of foreign females in UK jails were drug mules from Jamaica, with Nigerian women making a large contribution to the balance.

Bola Adebisi will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia and will be facing serious jail term.

This woman has joined the list of bastards tarnishing Nigeria’s image worldwide.

What a disgrace!



  1. Remi

    May 14, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    This is a desperate way of making money o!!!!!!

  2. Amade Anaja

    May 15, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    What man can do, woman can do the worse! Nigerian should learn how to be contented with the little resources in our hands. Let justice take its course. What a shame to womanhood!

  3. Eze

    May 16, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    this is unbelievable. God have mercy

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