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Nollywood Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo Biography, Net Worth, Life History, Profile & Family Background

iyabo ojo biography net worth

Nollywood Yoruba Actress Iyabo Ojo Biography, Net Worth, Life History, Profile & Family Background

Born with the name Iyabo Alice Ogunro before she got married, Iyabo Ojo is one of the prominent actresses in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood. She was born on the 21st of December 1977 in Lagos State Nigeria.

Iyabo Ojo was quite fortunate while growing up as her parents were comfortable and could provide for her the basic necessities of life and apart from that, she grew up in a very free environment in which she could relate with all her siblings even though she was a girl.

Her father Adekunle Ogunro was very close with her and she didn’t find it difficult discussing personal issues with him and her mother Olubumi Fetuga equally had a close relationship with her. The actress is the third child in a family of 5 and she is the only girl although she was raised by her grandmother.

After her primary education Iyabo Ojo went on to National College Gbagada to get her secondary education. Becoming an actress was not part of her plans initially as a career path in acting was not seen as a lucrative one during her time. This led to her studying Estate Management at the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH).

Having lived all her life in Lagos, towards the end of her education the actress started to develop interest in acting and thus decided to try out her chances and as fate would have it for her, today she is one of the A-list actresses in Nigeria.

Iyabo Ojo made a wise decision not to enter the entertainment through the back door, a phenomenon that is common among female colleagues in the entertainment industry. In the beginning of her career the actress approached veteran actress and producer Bimbo Akintola who enlightened her on the system and set her up for success in the entertainment industry. Iyabo Ojo moved with Bimbo Akintola for a while as one of her acolytes, her influence later got her a membership on Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) after which she started getting roles to act in movies. The beautiful actress got her first major role in the movie “Satanic” which was released in 1998 and it is quite surprising she is more prominent in the Yoruba genre even though she started her career acting roles in English movies.

Iyabo Ojo has since then featured in many movies with her career spanning over a decade. Some of the commercially successful movies she has featured in include Agogo Ide which was released in 1998, blockbuster movie Black Val, and her first movie to appear in a cinema Silence which was released in 2015.

She has also ventured into the world of production having produced over 15 movies since she first started in 2004.
Iyabo Ojo made a decision to start a family very early in her life, just at the age of 21. Her parents opposed this but she had to go on because she was already pregnant with a baby. The name of her ex-husband is not stated anywhere on the Internet and the actress has kept mute on this for unknown reasons but it is believed that he was a renowned marketer in Lagos State.
It didn’t take long for the marriage to hit rocks as the couple got married because they had a baby coming and not because they were well accustomed to each other.
Her marriage was not all filled with bad news as the union brought two beautiful children to life, they had a boy first in 1999 named Festus Ojo and subsequently went on to have a baby girl named Priscilia two years later in 2001.

She took a break from the acting profession in order to build her family but when her marriage broke up she had to start work again in order to be able to take care of her family.

One could say she did a really good job at that as her kids have grown up to be amazing individuals and both of them already had their debut in the Nigerian movie industry. Her son Festus had his first role in the movie “Beyond Disabilities”. Priscilia Ojo who is her second child is more famous managing to garner over three hundred thousand followers on her social media account.

She has featured in many movies and it looks like she might be following in the footsteps of her mother and build a career in the entertainment industry, she also has her own online boutique.
She did a very good job in raising her children as they have managed to balance education and also live the celebrity lifestyle, Festus and Priscilla Ojo are one of the most famous celebrity kids in Nollywood.

The mother of two celebrated her 40th birthday last year December and was welcome into the club by many of her colleagues, “40’s club” they dubbed it. The beautiful actress is believed to have found love again although she didn’t confirm this her fans hope she has, as it is due time already. She is still very active in the entertainment industry and is working on producing more movies and making them to be cinema worthy.

Her life is sorrounded by controversies but that is what comes with being one of the most famous people in the country, a few months ago she was accused of having butt implant surgery but the details of this allegations are not clear with many coming out to say it was just a “tummy tuck” to flatten her stomach, it was a serious issue because there were rumours that the actress went into a coma and almost lost her life in the process.

Well, in the entertainment industry ‘all publicity is good publicity’.
Iyabo Ojo is still very active on the entertainment scene and has featured in many of the blockbuster movies that have been released recently, she was seen supporting colleague Toyin Aimakhu in the release of her first cinema film that was released just a few month ago, her movie was titled “The Ghost and the tout”.

Apart from works in the entertainment industry she also has a very popular canteen in Lagos, one which is famous for its ‘Amala Spot’, a dish the actress is very fond of.

Iyabo Ojo also owns a beauty spa. Her daughter Priscilla owns a boutique to her name at just 17 years of age, it is obvious she got her business genes from her mother.

Her estimated net worth is $602,000.

‘Philantropist’ can also be added to her qualification because the actress owns a foundation aimed at making life better for the less privileged.

Armed with exceptional acting skills and a business mind the sky is definitely Iyabo Ojo’s starting point.

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