Olisa Metuh: I’ll Return The N400Million GEJ Gave Me To Nigeria

olisa metuh to return N400Million

June 30, 2016 – Olisa Metuh: I’ll Return The N400Million GEJ Gave Me To Nigeria

The former spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says he is ready to return the “contentious” N400m as a sign of support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war.

Metuh said this in a statement by his lawyer, Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN), on Thursday.

The former PDP spokesman is facing trial at the federal high court, Abuja for allegedly receiving N400m — being money for arms purchase — from Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser (NSA).

He had said that the money was given to him by former President Goodluck Jonathan for media campaigns ahead of the 2015 presidential election, but on Thursday, he said he was willing to return the money as an honest citizen…

[The Cable]

20 thoughts on “Olisa Metuh: I’ll Return The N400Million GEJ Gave Me To Nigeria

  1. Goodluck j need to be jailed he turned Naija state funds into a national cake.He was so heartless

    • @fairjudge, I think that should be the right thing to do but Jonathan supporter will start to shift the blame on Buhari and APC whereas what Jonathan did was destroying the future of innocent Nigerians which was the most grievance offense. A president who never cares how much his Country makes for more than 2 years while Diezani & Co were diverting people’s money for personal use. At least Jonathan must be charged with direlinction of duty, recklessness and mishandling Nigerians treasury.

  2. N400 million to just one person alone, in a country where children are dying due to lack of money to pay hospital bills or buy medicines, where graduates have resorted to prostitution, fraud and robbery due to lack of jobs, where majority of families cannot afford to feed their children decent meals, or even the simplest of food – gari? May you and Jonathan and your likes rot and be roasted to death, amen. It shall never be okay with you and your families. All of the stolen money from Nigeria will be spend on incurable diseases, insha Allah. You all are Oloriburuku, misfortune heads.

  3. You all would have done same if in his position so blamed him not. All Naijas are thesame.

    When Buhari lives power I do not know another honest president who will be able to discipline Nigerians in terms of stealing money. Buhari doing great job if not these people would have ran away with these money go buy houses in UK and Dubai.

  4. Lolz,now is the time he know he should return the money, thief. I pray he spend the rest of his life in jail

  5. Very noble gesture indeed. People in charge of recovering money please don’t waste time, recover same before the man changes his mind a beg!!!

    • How can you say they are lying against Jonathan? So where did he get the money from? Is Jonathan dead that he can’t defend himself? Why have you guys deliberately refused to accept the truth ? Don’t allow bias and unnecessary sentiments stop you from waking up to smell the coffee.

  6. Na lie, fear of jail is the beginning of wisdom with buhari’s administration. The guy dey fear kirikiri…

  7. There are still more to come. Those that have used political excuses to cover up like Metuh will surely admit their guilt sooner/later. Nigerians must have no sympathy for the wicked, enemy(looters} of our great nation. We can not succeed unless we give our total support to the current administration to kill corruption. The senate is obviously dominated by bunch of questionable characters. Let us get behind the truth and give those that have sought to destroy our livelihood a RED card.

  8. May God punished all the wicked Nigerian leaders and there children children who had made us Nigerians to suffer for no offence of ours by draining the economy dry.

  9. Oh? You want to return the stolen money? So what are you waiting for? This is what you should have long done before now bcos there a turn in the tide the moment buhari won the election.

    I take a stroll…

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