Pastor’s PA Defiles 3 Year-Old Girl In Pastor’s Home In Rivers State, Says Act Caused By The Devil

pastor pa rape girl rivers state

Oct 6, 2016 – Pastor PA Accused Of Raping 3 Year-Old Girl In Pastor’s Home In Rivers State Says Act Caused By The Devil

Pictured above is Betel Samuel, a Personal assistant to a Pentecostal pastor in Rivers State who was recently arrested for having forceful carnal knowledge of a 3 year old girl.

The 28-year-old suspect told police officials at Rumuolumeni area of Obio/Akpor LGA of Rivers State how he carried out the evil act.

His words:


The suspect begged the police and the parents of the girl for forgiveness.

While blaming stupidity for his selfish act, he urged the Police to release him and give him another chance to make things right.

9 thoughts on “Pastor’s PA Defiles 3 Year-Old Girl In Pastor’s Home In Rivers State, Says Act Caused By The Devil

  1. How will you make things right, by marrying the three year old you have traumatized by your evil act ? Go to jail firsthand learn about righteousness the hard way…….. And I do hope your colleagues in prison will “show you pepper”!!! Mchweeeeew!

  2. Hmmm, can you just hear yourself? You claimed it was the devils hand work and you should be given another chance. PA, another chance to fire on where you stopped? You are such a wicked soul, that’s not meant to dwell where human beings are. Rot in jail.

  3. Defiling a three year old innocent baby is a gruesome, wicked, and an heartless act that be carried out by a wild beast living in human body, that animal should never be allowed to live among human beings again. He should be in prison for the rest of his miserable life bease if he setc free, another child or girl wI’ll be his nextra victim. However, the question is how did the girl careless parent allowed predator of PA to molest and caused so much damage to that innocent girl? The mother or father of this girl should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such wolf to mess with the destiny of that innocent girl. Parents of little children should be very vigilant, careful, and watchful to prevent such horrible incidents from repeating itself. May God have mercy on us.

  4. A real case of the Hunter becoming the hunted,you and your partner in evil(the pastor)were preparing a crusade where you will claim at the end of the day they you have destroyed Satan and his work but here you are claiming that the same Satan made you comit this grave who is stronger now?you or Satan?

  5. What a horrible act by an adult human I can totally agree with this PA guy it was the devil or demon that caused him to do that but disagree on setting you free to make things right. In order to deal with that devil, you have to spend 25 years in jail so that’s how you going to make things right.

    Parents pls be watchful over our little children.

  6. Pls cut his manhood off before setting him free. Can’t burn my mb typing long comments on the devil himself.

  7. Ha…this is serious ohh…this case of child abuse…is it that grown up ladies are not that scarce???or should we say ashewo are now on nation wide strike???…God may your kingdom come real soon…

  8. You are disgrace to the body of Christ. Why blaming the devil, you are a very wicked person riot in jail.

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