Patience Jonathan Grammatical Blunder: My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth

patience jonathan grammatical error

August 9, 2012 – My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth – States Patience Jonathan

According to a recent newspaper publication, Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan made a very heartbreaking grammatical blunder by stating ” My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth”

Headlines like this makes one wonder if this woman is actually educated.

patience jonathan grammar

This kind grammatical blunder is a no no.

Guess mama needs to go back to school.

Video: Patience Jonathan Speaks


Past Grammatical Blunders Made By Patience Jonathan

  • My Husband and Sambo is a good people
  • The President was once a Child and the Senators were once a Children
  • My Fellow Widows
  • A Good Mother takes care of his Children
  • The people sitting before you here were once a Children
  • Yes we are all happy for the effort,it is not easy to carry second in an international competition like this one – Addressing Press men after Female Under 19 Fifa World Cup
  • The Bombers who born them?wasn’t it not a woman? They were once a Children now a adult now they are bombing women and children making some children a widow
  • My Heart feels sorry for these Children who have become Widows by losing their Parents for one reason or another
  • We should have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITY?
  • vote UMBLERRA and press your finger for UMBLERRA .

This is hilarious.

96 thoughts on “Patience Jonathan Grammatical Blunder: My Husband Is The Best Couple On Earth

  1. Others see it as blunder but i see it as God’s wonder. There are graduates of english out there, but God chose u. Whoever God bless, no man can curse.
    Destiny can only be delayed. I love you mama, and pls get well soon for me

  2. The first lady and her husband will not have any problem in finding a job outside politics The first Lady can make good money as an entertainer in the comedy industry ‘cos right now iam still rolling on the floor this is too much for free

  3. The truth is that all ur comment n advice can never I repeat remove one strand of hair from her person. Come 2 think of it this position was by divine arrangement she never asked for it. Was she not a primary/nursery school teacher probably in the village or town whatever, the important thing to note is that she passed through certain schools,teachers,lecturers n probably professors who certified her 2 be a teacher. Probably they re amongst those who re casting stone on her. It just to tell you the level Nigerian Education has sunk 2.To ice it you can’t speak correct English doesn’t make you an illiterate but d inability to express ur self makes u one. Her adviser sud advice her 2 use her local language in her speech of which an interpreter cud translate. This isn’t strange it happens in japan, chana, france n other countries who re not into the craziness of spoken English.

  4. It is true Patience’s first language is not english.The official language for Nigeria when writing examination is English.If Patience is a teacher,what and how did she communicate with students?.Dont blame students if they fail.

  5. Big mumy,althoug u spk big grama but u hv 2 tnk sm sertain words be4 u speak,but mama naija never de less ur still da first lady!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  6. You are calin what the first lady is saying a mistake then you too need to go back to school that woman don’t kno english at all I my advice to her she shul be adresing the public in her own lamguage and then get an interpreta to help her

  7. Well! to my mind, this woman did not come out of School last year, so the question of falling standard of education may not apply here.Then the very fact that her husband is a Ph.D holder and a lecturer- in essence a man charged with the responsibility of mentoring future Nigerians. And the woman as we recently have been made aware has been in government service for a long while – I wonder what manner of household the Jonathans have been running before coming into public limelight. If they can bend the law to make a serving First Lady a permanent secretary (AWOL), please why not they save us these embarrassment and make laws that will allow the woman to address issues in a language she understands, and get get someone to interpret what she says to the public. These things embarrass her family and Doctorate husband. Because like it or not, the pride of every man is the woman representing him as his wife.

  8. please leave mama alone, you are so jealous.I have seen and heard a professor of ENGLISH in one of the universites said ‘they didn’t went’what about that? do you want to tell me that the professor is an illiterate? YOU too can make mistake,I beg shut up….

  9. Am not criticising the first lady,but pls stop saying her grammatical blunders are mistakes,they are not mistakes,its now a part of her.we all make mistakes that i agree to,but her’s is just too funny to ignore

  10. I wont mock her for making such mistakes like using past tense for present tense, but why would she call children widows. Pls she is a public figure let her up grade her English.

  11. We Nigerians shld stop being carried away by the so called English. Let me tell all of you that most of the so called international communities don’t even hear, speak, read nor write English. You will see Ministers, Ambassadors, Presidents and so on that travel round the world to represent their countries yet dey dont even hear talkless of speak English. So my dear lets try to clean off dis so called English mentality and begin to respect our languages like other countries. I work with international organization so i have seen them all.

  12. PERFECTION= not a realistic human trait.
    BLUNDERS= not expected very often from a public figure.
    ENGLISH LANGUAGE= though our lingua franca, is not our mother tongue.
    BALANCE= should be strived for in all our endeavours.
    MY SUBMISSION= E don 2much 4 mama. She suppose don dey work on improvement b4 now!

  13. Nw c hw wot she said caught al our interest n u tel mi it means notin? U mak blunders, it dsnt mata, bt wen u get ther n mak blunders, dats wher it matas a lot cos d spotlightz on u. And pls dnt blame it on Nigerian Universities cos we hav many evn sec sch graduates dat ar makin us proud wit fluent n ova correct english. As she no knw dif btw widow n orphan let alon couple abi na singular n plural or 1st, 2nd n 3rd person singular. Our government ntoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrr

  14. She is a public figure,so I guess she cn’t be left aside nd mind everyone of us’her husband luvs her,despite her blunders’!

  15. Mama, i love you, keep it up ‘cos dats what you know, u cnt say what u dnt knw nw…..and to some folks dat posted even greater blunders dan her’s, just thank God bcos nw u’ve found a good mentor. LOLS!

  16. Is it becouse she is the first lady? Many of us do the same blunder in english too. English is a visitor

  17. Hmmmm,na wa ooooo,alld British in d house make una clap 4 una sef,rubbish peeps,see as una dey break english wit knife,den una dey complain about ist lady english,abeg make una go sch com ist,then bring masters in english language,nonsense peeps,afterall d english men too dey make mistake den u fools wud say it’s phonetics or slangs,if u as them to give d correction now,dem no go fit!

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