Paul Walker’s Last Photos Alive Before Death Inside The Porsche Car That Killed

paul walker before crash

December 11, 2013 – Paul Walker’s Last Pictures Alive Before Death Inside The  Porsche Carrera Car That Killed

The last set of photos of Hollywood actor Paul Walker who died in a high speed car crash last month have surfaced.

The Fast and Furious star was spotted riding happily with his friend, Roger Rodas inside a Porsche Carrera GT car that eventually killed both of them.

The joy ride came to a tragic end when the Porsche car they were in got involved in a single vehicle collision and exploded.

The two reportedly burn to death.

Paul Walker, 40, was at a charity fundraiser to help raise money for the victims of the floods in Philippines. His friend and financial adviser, Roger Rodas was driving before the fatal crash.

Check out more photos of Paul Walker before the crash below

This is really sad! RIP

7 thoughts on “Paul Walker’s Last Photos Alive Before Death Inside The Porsche Car That Killed

  1. I don’t believe in this Illuminati sh*t, I believe his death is reckless driving on the part of his friend how can u clock 90mph and not expect death

  2. “A single car collision”? if he was a nigerian we would’v said he was spiritualy remoted..R.I.P dear walker

  3. @modinat.. you are free to believe whatever you want but who told you the car was going on 90mph? and moreover 90mph is nothing in such vehicles. even your regular sedans like honda accord or toyota corolla hits 90mph on nigerian traffic-jams ridden roads.

  4. Why didn’t something happen to prevent the car from leaving,l still can’t believe he is gone and gone forever.I wish you can come back and all this to be one bad nightmare.RIP Paul.

  5. Too painful to be true,,,l still find it very hard to believe u’re gone forever..most especially when l watch ur films, may ur soul rest in perfect peace in the bossom of our lord Amen!!!

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