Missing Malaysian Plane Crashed Into The Indian Ocean

missing malaysian plane crashed

March 24, 2014 – Picture: Missing Malaysian Plane Crashed Into The Indian Ocean

Malaysian Prime minister Najib Razak today informed family members of those on board the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370 that it has crashed into the Indian Ocean with no survivor.

“It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean,” Najib said in a news conference

The flight was declared missing over 2 weeks ago and since then several countries have joined the search and rescue efforts.

The 239 passengers on board reportedly died.

Sad sad Sad! May their souls rest in perfect peace

29 thoughts on “Missing Malaysian Plane Crashed Into The Indian Ocean

  1. Ah! May dia soul R.I.P. Na beg i dey beg my people na treking tinz o. I beg make i reach ghana tru badagary with my boot on i got no worries. @KS2 TONEZ…

  2. Is this one also plan work or acting, did Tb joshua still bribe the news caster to say it crash at india ocean, pple will just be saying nonsense against a prophet of God, he said it last week the plain crash at the india ocean and pple was saying is a lie, God of Tb joshua will always be our God.

  3. Why are some people so negative in their life??
    All they want is just to find things that will
    disapprove people better than
    Guys lets come to think about it:
    How did a plane going from Malaysia to China end
    up in the Southern Indian Ocean?
    Even the U.S analyzers said the plain can’t crash
    in the ocean that they believe it is either in a
    forest or the plane was hijacked.
    But prophet tb Joshua insisted it is in the Indian
    ocean and here we come he is right!
    Since you can’t do better you dont have to
    destroy others better than you…

  4. where is the prove? this people are only tired of finding the plane. if truly the plane is found, where is the black box???? let them provide the remain of the deceased and that of the plane as well…

  5. My sympathy to the families of the departed souls. May their souls rest in peace. To this world we came empty, to beyond we shall return with nothing. We all need to have a rethink over our daily living styles. We may end it all any day we don’t even know. Once again with due respect, R I P to their souls.

  6. wen d Lord speak d wise listen,we hav no rite to condem any Man of God even if u knw his root,God can speak true who ever he wish to use.i arrest my case.May their soul rest in peace.

  7. We are now being told that the Malaysian plane crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean south of Western Australia. I think this is a big lie. maybe the plane went to Russia because Why would anyone fly a plane towards Antarctica? and if this is true, my sympathy goes to the family of the deceased.

  8. If dis finally turns out false–& I pray it doz–den d Australian govt must pay dearly. No wreck has been found so far, no black box nowhere. How den r they sure? Even one of d officials implied in his st8ment dat they’r nt 100% certain. Methinks the govt has simply grown weary of d whole exercise & thus attempts 2 patch an inconclusiv search wit a ready-made answer just 4d need of respite.

  9. They’ve not even find any pieces so naijagists where did you got your picture from stop fooling us, they only said it crashed in Indian Ocean, they’ve not find any object.

  10. Naijagist where on earth did you get that picture from? Pls don’t contradict issues for the relatives of those on board because the search crew are still searching for the missing plane so becarefull.

  11. weda d plain is hijacked crash hang lost any how it got misin d lives are lost may dea souls rip its a warnin frm God dat he is _is God alone lets amend our ways no öne knws d day tim place….death hell n hwaven is real


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