Photo: Police Corporal Kills Inspector In Kwara State, Buries Corpse Behind Police Barracks

police corporal kills inspector kwara tate

June 9, 2016 – Picture: Kwara Police Officer, Corporal Who Shot & Killed Inspector After Withdrawing Money From His Bank Account Dismissed

A very wicked police corporal who killed his boss in Kwara state has been dismissed from service.

Corporal Tosin Daramola attached to the Ekiti Police Division in Ekiti LGA of Kwara State was fired for killing his boss, Police inspector Lateef Shuaib.

The suspect shot Shuaib while defecating to cover up the N300,000 he secretly withdrew from Shuaib’s bank account without his consent when he was ill.

The deceased had entrusted Tosin with his Automated Teller Machine card when he fell ill in order to enable him to cater to his family.

The suspect initially withdrew the money requested by the late police inspector but it was learnt that he started taking money in bits for his own personal use up to N300,000.

Shuaib was said to have condemned Tosin for betraying his trust.

Days later (May 6 precisely), the inspector was defecating in the bush when Tosin shot him from behind with an AK-47 rifle and buried him at the back of a police barracks to cover up his crime.

On May 10, the victim’s sister reported him missing since May 6.

Sherifat Hammed said she suspected Tosin in the disappearance of his brother because he informed her when he was sick that he entrusted his UBA ATM card to the suspect to help him in withdrawing money.

The Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sam Okaula, said when the matter was brought to his attention he ensured that discreet investigation was conducted, adding that the suspect was arrested and dismissed from service.

The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who else can we trust.?

RIP Inspector Lateef Shuaib.

11 thoughts on “Photo: Police Corporal Kills Inspector In Kwara State, Buries Corpse Behind Police Barracks

  1. Oga you look so innocent but you are more than wicked. A betrayal not only to dismiss you from service but to kill you by hanging


  3. Of course he will face the law but he must be dismiss first before he can face the law as a person not as a police officer.

  4. THIS MONSTER should not go score free he should be arrested without delay and capital punishment he deserved is DEATH PENALTY this man will kill more people in the late inspectors family please am appealing to the government of the state to act without delay hence he his planning more evils attack on those who knows about his wicked act on trust he knows where he can can get weapons to use to kill more innocent people who knows or talk about what he does to the late inspector mostly the late inspectors children and siblings ACT ACT now before is too late May the late inspector RIP

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