Photos: 2 Catholic Rev. Sisters Kidnapped In Ondo Freed As Kidnappers Flee For Cover

catholic reverend sisters freed

May 23, 2016 – Pictures: 2 Catholic Reverend Sisters Kidnapped In Ondo Released As Kidnappers Flee For Cover

Catholic Reverend sisters, Familade Roseline and Perpetual Apo have regained freedom from the den of their kidnappers exactly one week after their abduction.

They were heading to a function last week when some robbers kidnapped them on Benin Ijebu Ode Expressway.

They were rescued by a special Intelligence Squad sent from Abuja over the weekend.

The police are on the hunt for their kidnappers.

13 thoughts on “Photos: 2 Catholic Rev. Sisters Kidnapped In Ondo Freed As Kidnappers Flee For Cover

  1. To God be the glory.
    But why were the abductors fleeing? I have already sent a strong emergency request to the Almighty God to release just one Thunder from His Arsenal to settle those jobless servants of the devil if the fail to unconditionlly release these innocent sisters.
    They should have waited, fools.

    I take stroll…

  2. What is now more grievious: kidnapping those sisters or defiling them? I can bet that those animals must have had carnal knowledge of them. May they have no peace until they are caught and hanged at the gallows!

  3. Our joy will not be full until the kidnappers are arrested. Without arresting them the likelihood they will do it again is there.

  4. Thank God for the people he used to rescue you, may the good Lord bless them in Jesus Name, Amen.

    It is well with you

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