Photos: 2 Nigerian Customs Officers Wanted For Clearing Ammunition Container With 661 Rifles


customs officers wanted

Feb 1, 2017 – Pictures: 2 NCS Officers Wanted For Clearing Ammunition Container With 661 Pump Action Rifles At Apapa Port Lagos

2 NCS officials have been declared wanted for allegedly clearing and passing a container laden with ammunition at the Apapa Port in Lagos.

The suspects identified as Abdullahi I and Ina Haruna Odiba reportedly fled after the officials of the FOU Zone A in Abuja uncovered the 661 pump action rifles hidden inside the container.

Nigeria Customs Service has arrested the importer, clearing agent and the escort in connection with the arms smuggling.

Other customs officers who cleared the container are still answering questions as to how they managed to examine and free the container without noticing such deadly weapons.

5 thoughts on “Photos: 2 Nigerian Customs Officers Wanted For Clearing Ammunition Container With 661 Rifles

  1. Go after their loved ones and their properties, these people are dangerous criminals in disguise. Thorough investigation must be carried out to weed out other gangs within the agency. Under military government, this will amount to treason and due to security challenges in the country now, these folks are finished.

  2. Arms meant for Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. We are watching. Their supporters and importers will do everything possible to sweep the case under the carpet. El Rufai and you know who.

    • We are already in trouble. If these weapons fall into the hands of wrong people, they can wipe out the whole city. The two customs officers are the real killer not the actual individuals who pull the trigger.

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