Photos: African American Creates Anger Room Where People Destroys Things To Feel Good


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April 13, 2017 – Pictures: Black Woman Creates Anger Room Where People Beat Trump Mannequin With Baseball Bat 

Anger Room Founder, Donna Alexander Says Donald Trump Is Making Her Business Grow Across The US

An American woman has come up with a bizarre business idea meant to help people vent their anger.

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The biz idea tagged Anger Room is a to go place for angry people seeking to vent their anger on inanimate objects in order to feel good.

Anger Room costs between $21 to $500.

Here is what the founder, 31-year-old Donna Alexander said about the bizarre business idea:

A quick glance at some of the items destroyed revealed how upset Americans are about Donald Trump even in a staunchly Republican state like Dallas.

The business empire created by the former restaurant manager now has locations all across the United States.