Photos: Inside Kylie Jenner’s New $6Million Mansion In California

Kylie Jenner's new mansion

May 20, 2016 – Pictures: Kim K’s Sister, Kylie Jenner Buys $6Million House In California

Less than two month after she broke up with Tyga, Kim K’s sister Kylie Jenner has bought herself a new mansion.

The 7,000sf home located in Southern California’s affluent neighborhood costs a whopping $6million.

Her mother and sister own homes in the same Hidden Hills neighborhood.

See more photos of Kylie Jenner’s new mansion below

Kylie Jenner's new mansion

Last year, she bought a $2.7million home in Calabasas.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Inside Kylie Jenner’s New $6Million Mansion In California

  1. Whao! What’s giving her all these money ? Where is my friend Bench? Aren’t you going to propose to her? That’s what she needs now, heavily endowed men like Bench.

  2. what will a little girl of that age be doing with such a mansion? Go to school and get a life gurl. Smh

  3. nice apartment,it look like d house i bought for my girlfriend lastweek in banana i-land lagos nigerian.

  4. Hmmm!
    Nice of her…
    To d eyes of God and d wise all dis is nothing but vanity….d real question is hw many lives have u touched wit all dis ur so call money.
    That is d major tin dat count

  5. “Born with a silverspoon” best phrase to describe her I’m not a hater but she’s just privileged and thanks to Kim k’s sex tape if not she’s totally useless not talent no education smh

  6. @john emeka these people don’t have a conscience so they can’t be bothered about others they only care about themselves just live and work hard don’t expect people to help u afterall it’s their money they do whatever they chose with it

  7. Beautiful house and environment; but it will take an army of help to maintain AND of course a lot of money.

    Congrats to her!

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