Photos: Muscular Ghanaian Prince A Kojo Flaunts His Beautiful Fiancee, He Can’t Get Enough Of Her

muscular ghanaian guy marries fat lady

June 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Muscular Ghanaian Prince A Kojo Flaunts His Beautiful Fiancee, He Can’t Get Enough Of Her

Still on this matter pre-wedding photo… make u no vex ooo.

This muscular guy just confirmed NaijaGists facts.

The guy identified as Prince A Kojo took to his official FB page to adore his kind-hearted sweetheart.

See the emotional tribute Prince Kojo wrote for his fiancee below.

Bad belle people on the social media have turned the story upside down.

Many thought the fine bobo don chop vegetable belleful…#love portion things.

Prince A Kojo is a construction worker while his fiancee is the daughter of a politician, she travels abroad as if she is going to the market #go figure.

14 thoughts on “Photos: Muscular Ghanaian Prince A Kojo Flaunts His Beautiful Fiancee, He Can’t Get Enough Of Her

  1. Shit,disgusting
    When she born,she go b like baloon.
    F** girls p****y very deep,I used to af one,she almst died when I left her,I loved her,but her ***,too much.

    F**gurls s**,they l**y and eat like thieves

    • You should know that your taste can never be the same with others’. Even that lady you finally settle for could be very disgusting to me. It wouldn’t make me better than you, neither does your derogatory remarks about the lady make you better than her husband.

  2. Abeg make we hear word, you are with her because of her father’s wealth. This girl or woman am looking at here will burst after one child that is if the fatness will allow her conceive . Stop fooling yourself and face reality. Which kind mumu love be this???????? Naija jist Abeg stop giving this people attention because anytime I see her picture , I feel like vomiting.

  3. love a beautiful thing it dose look out for beauty, slim, tall, short and fat all that matters is what u both feel for each other. wish u guys luck

  4. Yes she will be like baloon after birth but the guy will take her to gym after that to let her loose weight.

    I love them this is to shame men who go for slim tall beautiful women. My only prayer is let him not go cheating on her.

  5. Is a choice and will be ideal if this choice is built on love not material things. Goodluck!

  6. This is rather sweet. The guy has said it all and it is the way the girl makes him feel and vise versa that matters. She is beautiful. And God who created buxom lasses knows there are lads out there who only trip on having their arms full. I don’t see any mistake but see a lot of beauty in this union. All the best to them and may it be permanent IJN!!!

  7. I am wishing them the best. My advice for the lady is to try and contact our once baloon looking comedienne Lepacious Bose, to get some advice on how to loose some unnecessary weight if they are not planning to use a tarpaulin size of a wedding gown for their wedding, because though she‘s facially beautiful but trust me there‘s nothing sexy about this lady here even if she‘ the only daughter of the President of Ghana.
    Best of luck all the way.

    I take a stroll…

  8. The lady is beautiful, what God have joined together let no man put asunder. my dear couple to be, make sure you are in the Lord Jesus Christ and it shall be well with u and God will grant the desire of ur heart that will surprise the world

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