Photos: Muslim Model & Husband Arrested In Iran Over Anti-Islamic Instagram Photos Flee To Dubai

muslim model husband arrested instagram photos

May 19, 2016 – Pictures: Iranian Muslim Couple Arrested In Iran Over Anti-Islamic Instagram Photos Flee To Dubai


A popular model and makeup artist in Iran, Elnaz Gorokh and her model husband Hamid Fadaei were arrested in January for posting sexy ‘anti islamic’ selfies on Instagram.

The couple who recently regained freedom have fled the Islamic country to Dubai in the UAE.

They were spotted at a 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai a couple of days ago.

Here are the ‘un-Islamic’ photos the couple shared on IG before their arrest.

14 thoughts on “Photos: Muslim Model & Husband Arrested In Iran Over Anti-Islamic Instagram Photos Flee To Dubai

  1. I clap for those Iranians with back of my hand. A regressive way of life! Thank God I am a Christian, enjoying the liberty wherewith Christ has made me free. Other religions THINK that salvation is only achieved through a strict observance of the law. But a Christian KNOWS that we are saved by grace through faith, lest any man should boast.

    Mehn! That woman is so beautiful. If I marry this kind of woman I would never go to work again.

    Back to seriouness, I cannot say there is nothing un-islamic about the pix: Those who had arrested them know the parameters better. But I can confidently say that there is nothing unchristian about the beautiful photos.

  2. Hahahahahaha @ Metu, so you won‘t have been going to work, then what would you be doing at home with her at home if the lady were your wife? Or you want the answer for my ears only abi? Make you no become Bench o..hahahahaha.

    But honestly, that lady‘s beauty is almost ethereal, I concur. Trust Iranians nah. Those people are something else in terms of beauty.

    Fact is, if I weren‘t born a Christian, maybe I would have go jump into the Lagoon or hang myself but I think that will facilitate my swift journey to hell, where the devil is tirelessly preparing for ALL NON-CHRISTIANS.

    So the best thing to do would have been to be converted to Christianity like many wise BOLD muslims have done and are now enjoying their total freedom and break from BOUNDAGE called islamic religion.

    I take a stroll..

  3. I am sure they are saved because of the fact that they are married to each other otherwise the beautiful couple would face harsher punishment. When you read of things like this all one can do is thank God for the Grace of Freedom and say “ma je ko dunni” – don’t let it happen to mi.

  4. My Christians even the virgin mary covers herself…no religion teaches inmoral dressing,pls just take a look at Jesus himself,does he wears 3quarter or swagger?lets think wisely pls.moreover do Christians go out half naked? Even in the criptures u see dem covered.

  5. What I count un islamic is when this 2 are nude. With the above pix, they are fully covered. Oh! I gorrit, expecting the woman to be in hijab!

  6. those people that arrest couple are big fools and there is nothing wrong with these pix name,I still remain a christian for life.

  7. The Iranian government action is the highest order of hypocrisy. I went to school with some Iranians and I bet you those people like women more than anybody on earth and they woo them with cash, jewelry and even cars. Iran is a rich country and their students are loaded with cash. When they get out of their country they commit more of what they abhor. I see nothing wrong with the pictures of this couple. The wife is very attractive and any man will be proud to show case her. Maybe, just maybe the person that ordered their detention did it out of jealousy because he can not have her.

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