Photos: NYSC Corper Killed By Cultists In Yenagoa Bayelsa State..RIP James Onuh

nysc corper shot dead bayelsa

June 6, 2016 – Pictures: NYSC Corper Shot Dead By Cult Members In Yenagoa Bayelsa State..RIP James Onuh

James Onuh a corper serving in Bayelsa state died on Saturday 4 months to his passing out.

The 28-year-old graduate of Benue State University was shot dead by some suspected cultists around 8:30pm on Friday after leaving a friend’s place at the Corpers Lodge.

The deceased who is said to be the first child of his parents was asked to pass the night at his friend place but he refused.

An eyewitness said he was gunned down about one hour after he left the corpers lodge in Okutukutu to his place called Obelle Ovum area of Yenagoa.

He died at the hospital around 1am on Saturday while doctors were trying to remove bullets from his abdomen.

james onuh

May his soul rest in peace.

16 thoughts on “Photos: NYSC Corper Killed By Cultists In Yenagoa Bayelsa State..RIP James Onuh

    • Useless Nigerians who are cultists should understand that joining a dirty cult is a death sentence for them… if this guy was a member of another cult i have no pity for you…. you are all armrubbers goats, you join cult at the end you make our raods unsafe to plight killing and rubbing people of there belongings so if you are not a cultists then RIP if you are among i wish all your friends repent or die in Jesus name so that we can have a safe Nigeria. Rapo…

  1. Shattered dreams. After all the money invested on him. I wonder what miracle could comfort his parents.

    Cultism has messed us up in this country. We may not come directly to blame the Pyrates confraterniy for all this, but they are morally indicted for sure.


  3. If u can’t see clearly, while not get eyeglass? Where is corpse lodge in the article? Talking about life, somebody somewhere is looking for typographical error………

  4. Was he a cultist,neva trust d niGgi next to you,if yhu think dis dumb ass niggis who be cold blooded cultists don’t go to serve,then you must be a druGgi.
    Cultism has upgraded,now cultists do graduate and go for service,continuing dia nefarious activities and linking up with other cultists in camp.
    He must be a cold blooded cultist.
    I can’t say R.I.P to him cause I dnt knw him and why cultists killed him.
    But if you wanna be a cultist or the most feared person alive,be a one man cultist,af money,power,be cool but ruthless wen it comes to bad guys, and watch other niggis avoid you like a deadly plague.
    Not joining one stupid ass group callin themselves bitch ass names and hiding den killing for shit.
    Cultism in our country aint seen nothing,local thugs,dirty ass niggis.
    I got a gun with a bullet proof vest,plus couple of knives.I cutomize my interior of my car to hide all my tools with security codes,cos if any niggi pull up on me,I kill them real quick,slice up they throat,and stab them in the ear.

    Useless bastards,cultism never pays.
    Money,power,knowledge pays men.
    Dumb kids

  5. What a wasted years? Wasted life, Money, resources, hope of the family? If a cult member that was responsible for his death then Im sure he must had had a deal with them somehow.
    Just thinking aloud though.

    I take a stroll…

    I take a stroll…

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