Photos: Pregnant Chibok Girl Rescued From Boko Haram Meets President Buhari In Aso Rock Abuja

pregnant chibok girl meets buhari

May 19, 2016 – Pictures: Tears As Rescued Chibok Girl Amina Ali Nkeki & Mother Visit Buhari In Aso Rock Abuja, She Is Pregnant

Pregnant Chibok Girl Found Alive In Sambisa Forest Meets President Buhari In Aso Rock Abuja Today

One of the 216 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok has been rescued.

As earlier reported, 19-year-old Amina Ali and her daughter Safiya were found alive in Sambisa this week by the Nigerian troops.

She met with Borno governor yesterday and 24 hours later, she flew the Presidential Jet with the governor to Abuja.

Heavily pregnant Amina, her baby and her mother met President Buhari in Aso Rock this afternoon.

See more photos of innocent-looking Amina Ali with PMB below.

10 thoughts on “Photos: Pregnant Chibok Girl Rescued From Boko Haram Meets President Buhari In Aso Rock Abuja

  1. This kind of exposure does not sit well with me. This is a face that should have been hidden from the media to forfend stigmatizing the poor girl by the general public.

  2. I pity this girl. Hmmm, mchew………@Metu I quite agree with you, her face could have bn covered.

  3. Boko Haram has made her popular. I don’t know why they didn’t cover her face. This rubbish situation is not what she will exposing her face to the public anyhow. Anyways, welcome dear

  4. I Know for real that it sounds well, if her face is covered but they even covered the face .Its the same Nigerians that will be saying, all is fake and that they want to see the face.

  5. this gal own don finish, have baby with Boko Haram and pregant with baby Nr. 2 with just 19 ys,she must move out total from Borno state,cos the public will stigmatizing her ,Boko haram wife,and kids, they wont welcome her as their own,any attack by Boko Haram again in that area they will point finger on her, she told them infos.poor innocent even me i cant stay or live closer to any of those gals, that stay with Boko Haram, they have brain wash them,they are not normal again, they have that tick to be a killer.

  6. Abducting & Marrying under-aged girls is the ” TRADITION OF THR NORTH” !
    So what difference does this make????

  7. is good for her face to be expose so d world will know DAT she is one of abducted girls.

  8. Nigerians I nor even knw why una fall for all dis politician trap all dis is just dey strategy nothing like chibok girls den lie to una for long as for me chibok girls nor dey exist at all mk dey talk something else jor

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