Police Woman Who Tear Gassed, Poured Hot Soup On Housemaid In Ebonyi State Still Not Arrested


police woman tear gassed housegirl

June 27, 2017 – Wicked Female Police Officer  Who Poured Hot Soup, Tear Gassed House Girl In Abakaliki Ebonyi State Still Not Arrested

Mrs Joy Okoshi, a “long-legged” police woman in Ebonyi is still moving about freely days after she tortured her maid with hot pot of soup and tear gas.

The evil madam allegedly poured a bowl of hot Egusi soup on 15-year-old Chinyere Igwe’s back in Abakaliki Ebonyi state for not following her instruction.

The girl who lost her father a while back and whose mother is poor was rescued by Ebonyi State Ministry of Womens Affair after her unrepentant madam locked her up in a room.

Here is what the victim told reporters yesterday:

Meanwhile, Ebonyi State First Lady, Rachael Umahi has called for the arrest of the “untouchable” female police supervisor.

In a country with law and order, this female crook should have been arrested by now. It is painful how lawlessness thrives in Naija today.

Get well soon Chinyere.