Prostitutes & Youths With Crazy Haircuts Arrested By Shariah Police In Kano

youths crazy haircuts arrested in kano

Oct 19, 2013 – Shariah, Hisbah Police Arrests15 Prostitutes & Youths With Crazy Haircuts In Kano On Sallah Day

The Public Relations Officer of the Board, Malam Yusuf Yola, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano that the defaulters had been charged to court.

He said that members of the Hisbah corps also arrested deviant youths with crazy haircuts during the festivities.

Yola said that apart from those arrested for prostitution, more than 40 male and female youths were also picked up during the festive period for “misconduct’’ at places of leisure across the state.

According to him, the parents of some of those arrested were invited to the board for discussions and advice and most of the youth were later released.

“For those who had mischievous haircuts, the board made sure that they had clean haircuts before they were released.


14 thoughts on “Prostitutes & Youths With Crazy Haircuts Arrested By Shariah Police In Kano

  1. haahahhaha I can’t stop laughing
    Can’t wait to see the look on those youths’ face after they were rid of their mischievous haircuts. UP Shariah

    • Did you just say “up sharia”? Wait till they come to your area and give you a shave down below or even an amputation in between your legs for sleeping with a woman other than your wife. I will love to see the look on your face then!

  2. sharia police who stand by and watch boko haram unleash terror in the cut dont turn to big deal..yeye pple

  3. Tnk u Iron bar, tell dem eh? Na u b d only guy wey dey make my day 4 naija gists nw o… Sharia police my foot. D whole idea na all abt eye-service o, notin more.

  4. Wat has haircut got to do wit d massive killing going on in d north wake and do sometin abt it rather dan being ova nting

  5. iron bar:thank u,for saying that,what haircut got to do with them,is their head,they cant go after Boko Harm,that bring more porverty to their state and all part on northern nigeria.kindly Sharia police men pls stop Boko Harm from killing innocent nigeria, bring peace in north live hair cut men along is their head and for the prosititus when showing them , show their customers too, they are married men that go their more than sign men,so that we the wife can know if 1 of them are our husband,then we go for cheek up, when nagative i divorce that mad dog and we save our life with our kids,i dont want to die young and live my kids motherless.

  6. Sharia is anti-developmental. It’s a practice 4 warped minds. If God Himself were a sharia judge, do u think dat evn those officials would find a footing? Problem creators!

  7. I do not recommend the behaviour of these accused especially the males with such hair cut, at least for the girls we can say let government provide employment for them unlike for the boys it shows rudeness and thank the police for such an action.

    police has a lot do so arresting these youth does not mean boko haram is scot free people should take time to observe some of these issues.

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