Randy Wisconsin Policeman Who Slept With 98 Women On Duty Resigns

wisconsin police man slept 100 women duty

July 27, 2016 – Randy Wisconsin Policeman Who Slept With 98 Female Suspects On Duty Resigns

A US policeman has resigned from active duty after he admitted to sleeping with women nearly 98 times on duty.

The randy police officer identified as John Worden resigned in May after being placed on paid leave in Wisconsin..

His on-duty sexcapades was exposed when a woman filed a complaint against him in April.

The unidentified woman reported having sex with Worden in his SUV and at her home.

The Star Observer quotes Worden as saying he screwed up before tendering his resignation.


11 thoughts on “Randy Wisconsin Policeman Who Slept With 98 Women On Duty Resigns

  1. betty am also surprised seeing “resign” and he was even paid… naija na my country ‘na sack letter sure pass’ including jail term not in the era of our *saynotocorruption* president

  2. Naija gist! I just hope this story is true because am in Wisconsin and listen to Fox news everyday but haven’t seen this UN the news ooo

  3. The headline says 98 women, but the body of the news says 98 times. Therefore, it might not necessarily be 98 women. The man was highly unprofessonal, though.

  4. Ye ye man. So he was counting and maybe had a little diary kept somewhere and boldly labelled ” kiss and tell” where he recorded each escapade. I wonder if the woman in the story, who finally filed a complaint or report against him was recorded by the Casanova policeman as one experience or two since the act happened first in loverboy’s SUV and another time in her home.
    Since the guy is interested in counting there should be record of whether the 98 women represent 98 times or just 98 sexual partners so his entry in the Book of World’s Records will be accurate. Sick childish man!!!

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