Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up Again: Rapper Admits Split In Radio Interview

chris brown breaks up with rihanna

March 30, 2013 – Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up Again: Rapper Admits Split In Radio Interview

On Friday March 29th, 2013, celebrity singer Chris Brown revealed that he has called it quit with Rihanna once again.

The on and off lovers have finally called it quit weeks after moving in together.

According to an interview Chris Brown granted on LA radio station Power 106, he simply answered no when queried about his current relationship with Rihanna

The interviewer asked: Are you still dating Rihanna
Chris Brown’s response: Uh, no

Power 106 radio station made the post-interview announcement via their twitter page on Friday.

According to a source, Rihanna found out Chris Brown was cheating because she read a three page text message he received from an unknown woman talking about how they would hookup.

The lovers reconciled few weeks before last year’s Christmas now it’s all over again.

22 thoughts on “Rihanna And Chris Brown Break Up Again: Rapper Admits Split In Radio Interview

  1. the main thing there is that chris action was not good at all because he had made an arrengnment with rihanna.for me i will call this wickedness after all they have gone through in life,just bear it rihanna

  2. Chris z a fine guy nd a star 4 dat matter so he wl alwys recivin nagative txt nd kols nd 4 rihana u beta fnd anoda man or u wl regret0ur lyf in old age. Chris u be baba

  3. the two of them r not mature enough 2 handle a descent relationship which can result into marriage.

  4. They should call it quit.Is clear they are expressing lives of turn cloth,living behind their reality even though they’r celebrities.Their love has branches leading to breakup and that’s where they are.let them go for best n nt their mess.

  5. ups n down relationship.leave dem to their taste. afterall, most of u talking. ur relationship is lik dat.

  6. The both of them are idiotic onumanto who don’t know their right from left. After all they are both illuminat,birds of the same feather and swagless monsters.

  7. chris and rihanna better not get marry cos its you won’t last long together from the look of the past and present situation.

  8. I tink rihanna shuld find sm1 else, she av 2 knw dat chris iz a guy and handsome young man dat gals wll do anytin 4. Probabilly d note was send by sm1 dat doesn’t lik both of dem 2geda she av 2 be a woman and put her self 2geda.

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