Rude Shock As Bafana Bafana Defeats The Super Eagles With 2-0 In Uyo

bafana bafana defeats Super Eagles

June 10, 2017 – Rude Shock As Bafana Bafana Beat Up The Super Eagles In Uyo

The victorious Super Eagles footballers have been tagged Super Chickens after South Africa’s National Football team, Bafana Bafana defeated them at the Akwa Ibom Stadium in Uyo today.

Many Nigerians were shocked when Bafana Bafana scored two goals in the second half of the match as the Super Eagles struggled all through.

7 thoughts on “Rude Shock As Bafana Bafana Defeats The Super Eagles With 2-0 In Uyo

  1. bunch of foolish players and rubbish coach, but they can never win when the country is not settle. Nigeria can never qualify for world cup nor nations cup… beat me to it if they qualify.

  2. They will beat our people black and blue with jungle justice back in s africa and beat us for our pitch inside our domot…wetin be dis nah

  3. Shame 2 U naija player always u dey make mouth sey u sabi play ball, our home, our pitch, Bafana Bafana com beat us.,,,,,, carrry go.

  4. God seem to be angry with buhari and muslims being at the herm of affairs in this failed country and therefore, nothing is gono work for Nigeria for as long as this sick regime last.

    I watched the match and was greatly disappointed to note that the game lacked teamwork, cordination, accurate passes, no finisher. There was no real spirit of winning amongst our players.
    In fact, the SA team would have even scored more than 5goals if only they had made good use of all their chances. Imagine their hiting the bar of our post twice?

    I take a stroll…

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