Saudi Releases Another Nigerian Arrested For Drug Trafficking

nigerian arrested drug trafficking saudi released

Another Nigerian who was arrested for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia has been released.

Mai Abubakar Ibrahim (pictured in the middle above) was arrested of the same offence as Zainab Aliyu back in December 2018.

He was on Wednesday released to the Consul General, Nigerian Consulate Jeddah.

11 thoughts on “Saudi Releases Another Nigerian Arrested For Drug Trafficking

  1. I thank God for you. Pls convert to Christianity immediately and stop travelling to that blood lagoon called Holy Land

  2. Good for him. But why hasnt such efforts been made to retrieve Leah Sharibu from the criminals called bokoharam?

    • See why I hate CHRISTIANs. *****. Religion *****.

      You think Saudi is nija where even, foreigners commit crimes and bribe their way out?.

      Guy, think outside the box for a minute. Thinking is free.

      Is Israel today where their govt kill people like chickens holy to you?

      • Amanda do away with hate it will do you no good. You hate Christians and you just confessed it now. I’m not surprised, your religion is all about hate and violence.

        • Actually my message was to be directed at Sanusi Tope. I replied wrong person.

          As for you Mrs Brooklyn, you should rather advise your fellow CHRISTIAN. Did you not see what he said?. I’m talking about first commenter, Sanusi. Don’t you see hate written all over his comment?. What is his religious comment gotta do with crime committed on Saudi soil?. Everything muslim countries do you guys quickly applied religion sentiment even if it is mere politics. This issue was clearly nonereligion. Not even politics.

          North Korea, Malaysia, India also execute drug dealers. Can’t Saudi carry punishment for offenders without being accused religiously?.

          Thank God the lady was released. Nifemi, go and read CHRISTIAN comments on NAIRALAND and you will see hatred for Islam on this issue which is not religious one.

          You CHRISTIAN people need to start *****.

      • Being angry at your comment will only drag me down to your level honestly. When you make comments like this on social media especially, it shows how dark your heart is and believe me, it is very dark. We are talking about the insensitivity of a government withing a country you are talking about the darkness of your mind. I pray you get that cleansed if at all your religion can help you with that. SMH

    • Lear Sharibu can not be compared to this. Bh is not govt to easily negotiate with. Saudi however is a country and authority.

      See the difference?. You cant host rush to rescue Lear Sharibu. You put her life in danger like that. You guys really need to think.

      Taliban kidnapped Westerners and Western govt couldn’t rescue their citizens. But when Iran and North Korea arrested and sentenced Westerners to prison, American govt negotiated their release.

      See the difference now?.

      So I wonder how Christians in Nigeria think. You always play religious card

    • your hatred for christians is quite distrurbing..u are gradually losing it..u even responded to someone not surprised anyway..its a regular trademark.shame

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