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Security Guards Caught Torturing Nigerian Asylum Seeker At Migrant Camp In Germany

security guard torture nigerian asylum seeker germany

Security Guards Caught Torturing Nigerian Asylum Seeker At Migrant Camp In Germany

Before you embark on that illegal road/wilderness journey to Europe , think twice.

Nigerians and Africans who are illegal immigrants all over the world are not smiling.

A young Nigerian asylum seeker was over the weekend tortured by some security guards at a migrant detention camp in Germany.

It took the intervention of fellow Nigerians at the facility who put pressure on the security guards before the Nigerian citizen regained freedom.

Watch the viral video below

Brutal assaults like these happen to illegal migrants every day.

With untold suffering of this nature, one can only wonder if it really worths the travel headache in the first place.

Many Africans have lost their lives in similar attacks.



  1. Nikky

    October 31, 2018 at 8:25 AM

    Only mouth na him black men, especially naija men get. If na to beat fellow woman or their wife, you go see them flex muscles and fists wey them no get liver to use on their fellow man.
    What were those ones doing saying, “…open the door…” What stops you from smashing it? Paper? And when you eventually got inside, what stops you from seriously pummeling that guy or those guys?
    I feel for that poor guy. Blacks are their own worst enemies. They can’t take a bullet for each other, that’s why we’ll continue to witness and hear of similar incidents. All they are good at is backbiting, backstabbing, telling on you to whures, plotting your downfall, because of paper, and seeking to destroy that paper, if you already have it. God help you if you had it before they did! At the end of the day, it’s a white that’ll stand up, defend that guy and uphold justice for him.

    P.S: Don’t come for me or my post, cos I didn’t come for you.
    My comment, my opinion; which I’m free to have. You’re free to have yours as well, but don’t insult me, cos I never insulted you first.

    • Danti

      October 31, 2018 at 11:14 PM

      Nikki, in fact, I like your lamentation you seemed to have observed our predicaments very well. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Black people during and after our creation.

  2. iron bar

    October 31, 2018 at 11:36 AM

    i applaud the other folks that pushed through otherwise they would have choked him to death and they will report back to their office that the guy committed suicide.most racist nation in human history.About time we fix this country and excuse ourselves in such humiliation.

  3. Jilo

    October 31, 2018 at 3:28 PM

    Germany is known for Genocide. They slaughtered millions of Jews and took them as Slaves. They humiliated them, dishumanized them and scattered them all over the World. Instead of other Western Countries holding them accountable for the death of innocent Jews, they shifted the blame on Arabs who have no hands in Jews genocide and tagged them as terrorists.

    They re-wrote the history that the land where Palestinians occupied belongs to Israel. They supported their act using Biblical history that the Arabs were born by a Slave while Israel is the legitimate son Abraham. The Palestinians never objected to settlement of Israel but why do they want to completely wipe out the Palestinians before Israel can have their own portion of land? Have they forgotten that both belong to the same father? The tension going on around the world between Israel and Palestinians were caused by the white folks.

    Now going back to the issue of how we were being treated by other nations, I think it is not the fault of other countries maltreating us. They have seen us as non productive nation. There is nothing they can possibly benefit from us. As a results of this they think the right thing for them to do is to treat us as non existing race. This is wake up call for us as a nation. It is not about shouting or muscle flexing. If we make our existence relevant to other nations, they will respect us. Let’s join hand to rebuild this nation.

    • Mon

      November 1, 2018 at 2:37 AM

      I do agree with your point, these Europeans are the real terrorists, in fact, I have come to realize why Arab Muslims believe so much in Mohammed, if not for him, maybe the Middle East will be like Africa, still, they never stop destroying, look at what they did in Iraq, doing now in Syria and also in Yemen, all in an efforts to rewrite history.
      These white folks useless Africa and made black race look like sub-human, and they succeeded in making us hate each other….up to tomorrow, they are still selecting the best among us, stealing all we have with the help of their stooges they scattered all over Africa in the name of democracy.

  4. daniel

    November 1, 2018 at 3:43 PM

    Na by force to go to another man’s Country illegally? Or as a Refugee? Lazy idiots who don’t want to stay in their father’s land to work and make a living, all in the name of there is unemployment in Nigeria. These dudes don’t want to do any menial jobs to feed themselves or even learn a trade. They are looking for white collar jobs in the banks and oil industry. They don’t want to work at tantalizer restaurant or be a gas attendant, forgetting they have to adjust and start from somewhere What about those university graduates who are doing those menial jobs because they cannot find white collar jobs. Are they stupid?

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