Segun Arinze Begs Dr Suraj Giwa’s Family On Live TV To Free Ibinabo

segun arinze begs giwa family to free ibinabo

April 6, 2016 – Segun Arinze Begs Dr Suraj Giwa’s Family On Live TV To Release Ibinabo Fiberesima

In a TV interview monitored by, jailed Nollywood actress Ibinabo Fiberesima’s best friend, Segun Arinze begged late Doctor Giwa family to release her.

He even went down on his kneels to plead for Iby.

Hear him:

Mo be yin ni ema binu (Yoruba words) please temper justice with mercy forgive her,
Am begging and the same way my colleagues all of us.
We are begging we are begging we are begging we say please pardon Ibinabo. I know it is tough, I know it is hard but we are begging we are begging, we are sorry”

So Segun Arinze think say he can play with the Giwa’s family intelligence on live TV abi??

If Segun Arinze is really serious about Ibinabo’s freedom, why can’t he go to the Giwa’s family house to prostrate even before the judgement.

Wayo Nollywood celebrities nawa for una.

13 thoughts on “Segun Arinze Begs Dr Suraj Giwa’s Family On Live TV To Free Ibinabo

  1. Segun Arinze is gradually becoming a nuisance with the way his dealing with prison term awarded to his Nollywood buddy-Ms. Ibinabo. The drunkard killer ten years ago said that she cannot beg Dr. Giwa’s widow, orphans, his grieving parents, and other family members publicly because doing so will damage her Nollywood brand. Why is Ojuyobo Segun Arinze now acting foolishly in public like uneducated fellow begging people that have no control over the issue anymore? The issue here is that an arrogant, famous, highly connected Nollywood actress killed an innocent doctor under seroius influence of alcohol over ten years ago, and last month, she was sentenced to prison by the state for killing an innocent doctor. The case is no longer under the control of Giwa’s family. She refused to humble herself when she had the chance, and sincerely plead with the families of the deceased ten years. Now that she serving punishment far below her crime for killing a father, husband, and dear son of someone, her colleagues in Nollywood are making mockery of themselves on national tv. Arinse should save his ridiculous plead until after Ibinabo has completed her prison term. Dumb hypocrites like Segun Arinze should stop harassing and humiliating Dr. Giwa’s widow, his fatherless children, and parents with their ridiculous pleads. Enough Of This NONSENSE!

  2. Omo kehinde you are phenomenonal in all ur analysis. You photocopied my mind.. I really doff my HAT for you. Most respected on the blog

  3. Omokehinde, a million thanks for that comment. In fact, God bless you for your deep insight and uderstanding of this matter.
    Exactly on point. This to me is your BEST comment on issues ever.

    I have no single thing to contribute because you have said everything I had in mind as if you peeped into my mind.

    The only reason behind all this shameful showcase of fake pleading is because some of these people just want it to go on record that they too pleaded on behalf of Iby when in prison thats all. Segun Arinze alias Black Arrow knew in his mind that he didnt mean what he was even saying, just pretending, just to be on the news.

    Again they do this on purpose to prove to the world that the Giwas are wicked and unforgiving people.
    We are watching, we are no fools like them. When they are done advertising their folly, they will go sit down and their much idolised Iby, will still remain in the prison.

    My strolling continues….

  4. I can’t believe an educated person can talk like this! Is it in the Giwa’s family power to release Ibinabo? Are they the judge that sentenced her? Segun, am so ashamed of you. So after your show of shame on live Tv, the Giwa’s will go and command the judge to release her? Arrant nonsense!!!

  5. @omokehinde, u said it all. What you ought to have done years back, you refused. Pride goes before downfall. Segun you can keep fooling around, another scene from Nollyhood movie.

  6. Segun Arinze is just making mockery of ibinabo,the deed as been done,she should serve her punishment

  7. You just killed it for [email protected] What would you like to drink?

    Segun Arinze only succeeded in making a hype of his ignorance. One thing that many people have REFUSED to do in this case is to see things from the eyes of the Giwa’s. How would you feel if the killer of your brother/father goes about free, living in ostentatious opulence, not showing the proper attitude of remorse to you when you wallow in helpless, painful grief?

    Forgiveness is not always easy to give, even when your offender is truely sorry. How difficult will it then be in this case that the offender was so insensitive, adjudging her carrear worthier than the life she had taken? And the truth is that serving this sentence does not mean that the Giwa’s have not forgiven her, because it is still possible that even after serving the sentence, the Giwa’s would still not forgive her.

    So let us understand the technicalities in this case and leave the Giwa’s alone.

  8. This Segun really likes Ibinabo o. At several times he has shown to be a good friend of IB. Well, Giwa’s family will not agree because you’re begging from far. Go to them and kneel before them all, maybe they will change their mind.

  9. Let them keep deceiving themselves if he wants to beg he should go straight to Giwa’s family & stop this begging madness & allow the girl serve her jail term

  10. Segun u play inmatured cos u are suppose to go to Giwa’s family and kneel b4 them, may be they meant change or reverse it but no u where just showing those fake begging on TV.

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