Seun Kuti Calls Governor Akpabio A Mad Man & Government Chicken Boy

seun kuti governor akpabio

April 13, 2013 – Seun Kuti Calls Governor Akpabio A Mad Man & Government Chicken Boy

One of the sons of late Fela Anikulapo, Seun Kuti, a popular substance abuse addict took to his Twitter page few days ago to blast Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State.

The singer who claims his late father used to call politicians Government Chicken Boys said the popular ‘Akwa Ibom’s father Christmas’ is a mad man for mis-managing the state’s resources.

See more of his Twitter rants below

“Am glad d youths are getting 2geda to talk about our future, pls don’t stop, let’s continue d discussion& dont mind dos Govt Chicken Boys

Na god go punish d day he decides that he will contest
Gov Akpabio also said that PDP is the only National Party that is the only party without a Godfather in Nigeria

I say dis man Akpabio na mad man. Fela get name for them D name na Govt Chicken Boy”

16 thoughts on “Seun Kuti Calls Governor Akpabio A Mad Man & Government Chicken Boy

    • Simon or what did u call yourself,if seun call Akpabio a mad man do u want to tell he does not know what he is saying. I can’t imaging an elite like to reply a youth like u in that manner,for useless leader to use our money to bought a mercedes van for what,because he want to sleep with an actress she gave her 600 million for film school. Youth we need to upright,let us unite and tell this old fool that we don’t need them in our system.

      • it is beta u get facts before u open ur f*** trap n insult akpabio which i know with all his spendings has performed beta dan ur state gov.

  1. Simon is truly a big fool gold digger, guess he’s 4r akwa ibom den. Mad men like u and those chicken governors should be wiped out 4rm Naija… Awon omo ti o rola ri, juz dey spend ham witout brain

  2. seun baba u correct akpabio is a govt chicken boy the man dey craze. Let us rise up and tell those old fools that their time is up

  3. I tink its high tym 4 d youths 2 occupie dos govt sits instead of dos gr8 grand fadas mismanagin our resources (lets be wise youths)

  4. Pls let us pray 4 dis govt,dat god should change their life 2 a beta once.also god should lead us through in dis our ogboge country.let us continue 2 pray 4 our countiy NIGERIA

  5. That simon osisiogu, should be insane,i think is paid to write what he wrote, those are the poeple killing nigeria for not saying the truth, Akpabio is real man,GOD should judge them according their deeds.

  6. i guess U all understand dis fact that, he who lavish money anyhow and a cronic Mad-Man are the same orthonological specimen of
    identical plumage invariably
    conglomerate in the same

  7. Akpabio is nt only a mad man but also a “terracota carricature”. . dat guy gave 2face and annie , 2 brand new cars and 2 f buildings . . . with govt money. . imagine dat “crazibility”. . . . akpabio claims to be a performing governor with is media propaganda all d tym. he is truly a mad man.

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