Confession Of A Hired Killer Who Killed A Bank Manager In Enugu

hired killer killed bank manager enuguObinna Onyekulujie

June 21st, 2013 – Shocking Confession Of A Hired Killer Paid To Kill Enugu Bank Manager

43-year-old Obinna Onyekulujie is a hired killer who killed a deputy GM of a bank in Enugu, Mr Ogbonne Ogeri Nnachi Ibiam last year.

After months of investigation, police has caught up with him.

Read his confessional statement below;

“I am a member of a five-man gang that specialised in snatching exotic cars from their owners  in Enugu and reselling them to buyers in Onitsha and Nnewi in Anambra State.

“On 12 December, 2012, my partners in crime and gang leader Ogechukwu Uzor, Nwankwo Emmanuel and others now at large contacted me that they have a job to do and as the gang’s driver, I obeyed them and drove them to the place of operation.

“We traced our target on 14 December, 2012 to the Liberty Estate Road in Enugu State and Ogechukwu Uzor shot severally at a man inside a Camry car and we collected two phones in the car. We drove off after we confirmed that he was dead.

“After the operation, Emmanuel gave me N1.5m with the stolen handsets and I gave one to my girlfriend. Emmanuel later told me that someone paid them N15 million to do the job. I don’t know the person that paid the money. It is only Emmanuel Nwankwo that can identify the sponsor, if arrested.”

“I was arrested by the police through my girlfriend with the stolen phone. We have also, prior to the operation, invaded Global filling station and Jezco Oil & Gas on Amaechi Road Enugu to rob and I used my share from the operation to build a house in my village.”

The assassin has been jailed pending his court hearing date.

What a wicked world we live in….

May the soul of the Deputy Bank GM rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “Confession Of A Hired Killer Who Killed A Bank Manager In Enugu

  1. u just 4get earth we meet wealth also here we shall leave them all, as 4 u, u have wrong God, he who kill by sword shall surely die by sword. may the soul of that gentleman continue to rest in peace in jesus name.

  2. I hope and prayed that other members of the gang will be arrested and prosecuted. Imagine all those inocent souls this people have wasted, may there souls rest in peace.

  3. Hmmmm….I guess d elders in his village must hav called him AKULU’NO and probably young girls fighting over him for marriage with d stolen money ooo….what a wicked world filld wt wicked pple.
    Let justice take its duely cost!

  4. how much u carry build house.let him produce his gang mates and all of them including the lady with stolen phone shld face firing squad.justice justice denied

  5. ufffffffffffffff nigeria is bad country.IT is unsafe country to live in.All what hear from nigeria is rape,ritual,kiddnapp,etcccccccccccccc.

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