Terrorists Disguising As Fulani Herdsmen Spreading Across Nigeria, Danger Is Looming – Oyedepo Warns

oyedepo fulani herdsmen

Monday January 15, 2018 – Terrorists Are Spreading Across Nigeria Under The Guise Of Fulani Herdsmen, Danger Is Looming – Oyedepo Warns

Bishop David Oyedepo on Sunday urged President Buhari to do something about the killings in the country.

Since January 1st when many people were killed in an invasion by herdsmen, Benue state indigenes have been grieving.

73 bodies were given a mass burial last Thursday in Makurdi, the state capital.

Oyedepo on Sunday warned the Federal Government to halt the killing spree by herdsmen or risk the country’s disintegration.

He likened the attacks to a time bomb and warned politicians not to “sell off the destinies of men for your ambitions”.

Dr. Oyedepo said God revealed to him 26 years ago that this crisis would put the country “on a keg of gunpowder” if the government failed to act.

He gave the warning yesterday in a message titled “A wakeup call to a nation in a state of slumber”.

His words:

“Prophets have a duty to warn people, nations against impending danger.

“I have this wake-up call for a nation in a state of slumber. Insurgency is spreading across the country under the guise of Fulani herdsmen. Danger is looming.

“How many of these killers have been brought to book since their campaign of carnage, death and destruction began?”

“Where are the leaders of thought in Nigeria? Where is the government and this is continuing unabated? We are sitting on a keg of gun powder.

There is a volatile reaction coming and God revealed this to me as far back as 1992, clearly written in my diary.”

“People may soon be forced to take the law into their hands. The security apparatus of the country has obviously failed to defend the property and lives of these poor farmers.

“While we are claiming to be curtailing Boko Haram, we are on the other hand aiding and abetting herdsmen and their murderous acts.

“Nigeria is a nation at war with ourselves. No external aggression from aggressors, no ethnic crisis, no natural disaster, yet we are doing mass burial. What a nation in a state of slumber.

“Hear the voice of God through this prophet, the soul of Nigeria is near the point of death.”

“When citizens cannot trust the security system, a state of anarchy is in view. Insurrection may also be on the way. These largely unchecked activities of the Fulani herdsmen may eventually choke the soul of Nigeria to death, God forbid.”

The Bishop challenged the government to probe how the killers escape and how they are able to secure funds to buy AK47 rifles which, according to him, cost N3million a piece.

“They must have the backing of some powers that be. Any right thinking Nigerian will speculate same,” he said.

8 thoughts on “Terrorists Disguising As Fulani Herdsmen Spreading Across Nigeria, Danger Is Looming – Oyedepo Warns

  1. Buhari has empowered these fulani Mormons. Since their boss is in power, he has indirectly empowered them. Ose o

  2. Tell your members to come out and protest, same with your colleagues,with such move,two things will happen,either the country will be fix by restructuring or disintegration must happen.

    Speaking out the truth is good but action is needed.

  3. I am sure weapons are being smuggled into the country every day but only the ones who refuse to cooperate with the guys at the port get caught and their consignment siezed otherwise how can a country that boasts of oil export not have the capacity to buy scanners at the port. Something dirty is very fishy and it becomes more suspicious with the way Buhari packed northerners at the helm of affairs in all govt parastatals. Buhari has put on a time bomb not even a keg of gun powder that Nigeria is sitting on.
    2019 must be a complete war against PDP and APC and any party these criminals called politicians may want to hide.

  4. AS I SEE IT, I have said it here over and over again that as long as we keep buying Cows from these vagabonds and selling our foods to them, they will remain with us and keep tormenting us.

    Therefore, if we don‘t want to confront them head-on, we should stop buying and eating their Cows. Afterall, beef is not the only source of meat around, we have Goats, Sheep, Fishes, Chickens, Bush meats. All these cannot cause us any harvoc whether in our bodies or on our farms.

    Another thing we need to consider very quickly is, the mode of attack by these killer herdsmen muslim terrorists: Whenever they attack any community, apart from killing innocent people, they will make sure any food ban/store in sight whether at home or at the farms are completely destroy and in most cases, burnt down, can you beat that? As if they themselves don‘t eat food.

    Therefore, if we stop selling our foods to them, trust me, that‘s gonna be more painful.


    Anybody who‘s waiting for buhari to take any action against his own kinsmen is wasting his or her precious time.

    I take a stroll…

  5. AGAIN I WANT To say I don‘t believe that a terrorist can genuinely repent and completely forsake his evil ways.

    Therefore, I suspect all those boko harams who pretended to surrendered and laid down their arms and embrace a new life.

    Since they have been claiming to have quitted and turning a new leaf all these while, we are yet to see on the news or any media report how a repented boko haram who was granted an amnesty later became somebody important in the society and doing well for himself. None!

    If my asertion is true, the question then is, where are the so claimed repented terrorists and what have they been diong all these while?

    There is every possibility that thesame acclaimed repentant terrorists are behind this dangerous waves of wanton killings across the country.
    (My opinion though).

    I take a stroll…

  6. As someone who is vehemently pro-biafra, my biggest hope is that the Sunni, the Shia, Boko Haram, and the Hausa/Fulani militias, will succeed in killing each other off in years of terror and carnage.

  7. Am still wandering why our southern politician are not seeing what Dr oyedepo is seeing and speaking against.Nigeria musicians should also speak out.enough is enough.

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