The Top 5 Richest Pastors in Nigeria

According to Forbes Magazines, below are the Top 5 Richest Pastors ,Men of God in Nigeria and their estimated net worths.

Top 5 Richest Pastors / Men of God in Nigeria

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

Church: Living Faith World Outreach aka Winners Chapel

Net worth estimated at $150 million

2. Chris Oyakhilome

Church: Believer’s Love World Ministry aka Christ Embassy

Net worth estimated at $50 Million

3. Temitope Joshua

Church: Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN)

Net worth estimated at $15 Million

4. Mathew Ashimolowo

Church: Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)

Net worth estimated at $10 Million

5. Chris Okotie

Church: Household of God Church

Net worth estimated at $10 Million

93 thoughts on “The Top 5 Richest Pastors in Nigeria

  1. God should please make these wasteful politicians money his by putting more into these his children pocket.

  2. I believe that nigerian pastors are trying very well.people from many country are now coming for prilgrimage in nigeria’It sure’s that God is close us…

  3. God is prospering His servant. its gud if d money is really 4rm God 4 we serve a living nd rich God

    • yes Temitope Joshua is the highest,reason see what the man of GOD is doing in the life of poor people,giving them the sense of living,hope and feture telling them why they have to live.GOD pls make him remainber me.

    • God help us in dis Nigeria. I don’t knw y some men of God r after riches. I tenk God in d life of Pastor E.A ADEBOYE. Dat man is a real man of God. God bless u Baba, God wil continue 2 enlighten u, annoit u, strenghten u, empower u more dan ur expectation in Jesus Name. AMEN

  4. Hw long wl we continue like dis in nigeria,ar we elevate or relegate?well vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

  5. i love shareing n giving like t.b joshua but wicked satan don’t want to unvail my destiny from god. please, all you men of god do not forgot how you were started any of you that fail the needy already fail god.for me now i am on the road side waiting for the grace of god to visit me n i won’t lie to myself no energy again to rebel against kingdom of darkness i only waiting for the divine grace to take me to my devine direction of god.
    if i hv authority, i will demand the head of lucifer to chop if off ma nnem.distance is not a barrier said by authoritative men of god.

  6. Well, thank God 4 them. Richness is not wat matas in d church of God, but how many needy have they help. Thank GOD 4 d life of pst Temitope Joshua, he is one of d men of God that gives what he has to help d poor, widow, orphan e.t.c.

  7. riches are good butshould not be kept to themselves so as to be counted amoung the richest let them bless the poor,the orphan,the widows&the needy with those riches then we can say they are truely God’s servants

  8. Yes.that is what we call kingdom wealth it belongs to them likewise us. if we, like them don’t have it then who shld hav it.they ar givng to d poor on hour basis d problem is that d more they give the more they is not their fault it is redemptn package at work.I am d next on line to be mentioned.

    • u r so correct my bro/sis the more this people bless others the more God blesses them they are men of God they are called to do his work so therefore as they are doing his work he is pleased and blesses them with riches and abundance.

      • My dear, they are not curious abt ur money jux that the seed they sow into people’s life opens more way into their financial breakthrough.

  9. When you gain all in this world and loose ur soul, what come next, for me it is good to be rich but please we all should pray for our souls and Heaven at Last in Jesus Name Amen!

    Baba Temitope Joshua is trying and I pray for him, Heaven at Last in Jesus Name Amen!

  10. 4 God’s sake! Y shud so called men of God kip such lump sum? There are millions of needies awaiting help. Rememba da if u die 2day, al dis wealth belong 2 som1 else dat myt hav not even contributd 2 d acquisition, so spend it wisely bcos this wealth is a test and nt an avenue of pride or comparism.

  11. He is richest……I like TB Joshu, is a phillatropik. May Allah bless me cuz i wanna b rich.

  12. God abeg call me make i follow make this money nau. See money when your children dey make for just sunday service.

  13. i’m not suprised, God has promised us(his children) hidden riches in secret places. God bless d Bishop, he’s spiritually sound yet not lacking in d promises of d almighty God.

  14. Gosh y will men of God kip dis large sum of money. Ar they after wealth, fame or money??? Or ar they actually after winning souls for christ and serving him wit all truth and honesty? Na wa ooooo. Even men of God among richest people? Naija don finish oo

  15. Am aint surprise, Bishop riches he work 4 it n God blessed him, ‘MY SON EVEN IF U DNT WANT TO BE RICH IT TOO LATE’ God said.

  16. my pastor,mentor and father in the lord;pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not a man after riches or material things of the world,rather is a man design by God himself for changing peoples life and giving life also a meaning.mine is a tipical example.i love you pastor!

  17. They r all millionaire leaders of a hungry and wretched congregation. When Christ was here, he didn’t even have a house of his but nowadays pastors are d richest people yet they collect d N10 of wretched widows. DAMN!

  18. Hmmmmm Naija Pastor NA Wa For Una. When Jesus was operating He did not use any material things like Money, House, or Airline. Please Nigerian Pastor pray very well for God to change you people for Good cos you People are With politician to Spoil our NATION NIGERIA.

  19. What you give is what you receive. Have you ever taken time to think on how these men of God have given to God. I love you pastor Chris thank you for teaching me the word

  20. d wealth of a pst is measure by d numba of soul e has won remeba d luv of mony is d rut of al evil we av to b very carful,GOD is d giva of wet 4 to whom much is given much is expected pls men of GOD watch & b alert GOD BLESS U ALL I LUV U ALL

  21. They work for it from the beginning. So they hav to reap what They sowed. Especially temitope Joshua and papa David Oyedipo so stop criticsicing because u are not God to judge them.

  22. My great pastor,pastor chris’s nt afta mani we know his folowers tht he’s helpin many around the world whether u beleive it or nt it makes no difference..he’s jst delightn himself in the lord takin up his cross daily n’ folow Jesus and tht’s wat God wants if he’s pleasd wit u he wants everyone to see it and knw about it,u are great pastor livin the upward n’ forward life..we are so proud of u.

  23. the riches of men of does not me at all. am blessed to them rich.i love them. my problem with some of them is they are not leading christian to God. Their emphasis is the doctrine that will increase their wealth. Minimizing the holiness standard of their christians and christian leaving. Prosperity, prosperity,prosperity all the time. Is christ crucified only for us to live in abundance. But ie what the World love.temptation of the devil to enticed men to commit sin.lust of the eye, lust of the flesh. ie what the body want everyday not God the giver of all these things.Rent and return to Jesus all of us.leave these men of God alone.God knows our heart. they are vain.

  24. the givers dont complain. what is therefore your concern in this matter?

  25. They are not currious about money. It is their right to be rich in Christ. In fact the money that they have cannot recompense them for what they are doing. Don’t forget they save many out of darkness. In the bible no man of God was poor.Solomon is the richest man of God that has ever existed. Job was the richest in his time. Silver and Gold are God’s. The money they have is not worthy of what they are doing for God. The bible says all things are ours and we are the heir of the world

  26. Hmmm I wonder wat  earth dis men of God ar doing wif moni in der blossom we’re sum of der members ar in poverty. Der is a saying don’t give ПЄ fish bt teach ПЄ hw 2 catch one. Pst Adeboye Ц indeed a father God bless Ц.

  27. If you want to be like this great men of God then you should pratice the habit of giving and wining soul for christ, by so doing you will be uplifted and be like them

  28. una 2 d maki mouth…….Na God send them and only God know how there are working for him.

    allow the men of God do their assignments with, whether good or bad God is wtching them.


  29. Jesus told the rich young lawyer, who claims to have done everytin necessary to mak heaven. Jesus told him, ”go & sell your possession then com & follw me”. But he couldnt. Now I challeng them ”WHO EVER SELLS ALL HIS POSSESIONS AND GIVES TO THE POOR I WILL BELIF UNTIL THEN … NONE OF THEM CAN PASS THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE…

  30. bt diz men shuld be able 2 take care of list be a president of diz nation.NIGERIA

  31. every thing a real man of God has those not belong to him but for the work of the ministry to progress.

  32. Hmmm my pipu, i dnt av much 2 say bt, moni nomali is an essentia comodity 2 lyf, bt in d cas were its bin praise/worship jst as i saw pipu praisin d men of God, then it bcom evil, tnks may God bles us.

  33. Hahaha. Sm pple cited dire own pastor, sm pple mk a good 4 me i dnt care cos riches cms 4rm God n also ur mental ability cn mk u rich. Pastor or no pastor i ll extremely rich cos am wrking hard n belive myself. After all nt evry1 meant 2b poor like u.always embress good things. Use ur head.

  34. he dat judge shal b judged, i tink what we nid 2 do is strive hard and liv righteous b4 God rememba non is righteous until God calls u righteous

  35. I pray that one day the holy spirit wiLl open all eyes,for us to know that we are truelly in the end time.freely u were given,nd free u shall give.demons claiming to be men of God.

  36. To who ever God provide for should also tried and help the poor to me Temitope was the richest because he not after money but to help and make other happy expecially people in need….

  37. May God judge.There is nothing bad when Men of God are rich, but i pray,may them av d spirit of giving and wisdom to assist d poor even Nigeria.

  38. Who did they help with their riches. Is that not our offertory money. Let’s be wise on time. What is one person doing with two private jets and houses allover the world.
    Is God that will help the congregation.
    They build schools that are unaffordable by the poor and is only them and their families that attends the schools. And the poor will still give out the little they have to support the project and cannot benefit from it. Can’t they give free education and reduce the school fees for the church members. As a benevolence from the church to its members. Please we need to look into these things because I believed is very important.

  39. Is not only 5, they’re more than 5. Adeboye and co where are they? It is true that the bible says seek ye the kingdom of God first and his righteousness, and every other things shall be added to you. That pastors seeks the kingdom without his righteousness, how many poor people have they helped? If they are doing the work of God properly won’t they build the school with people’s tithes and offering, and gives the poor scholarship in those schools? Instead, they builded schools with the poor’s money and denied them the opportunities of attend those schools? Now you’re counting them as the most richest pastors in nigeria. I disagree with you. Jesus says I was hungry and you did not feeds me? I was naked and you did not cloths me? I was sick and you did not care for me? And the pheresis ask him master when are you going through all of those things you said now without su answering you? Jesus reply them saying in as much you didn’t do it to those one out there, you didn’t do it to me as well!

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