Tiwa Savage Wears See-Through Dress To Banky W’s Concert (Photo)

tiwa savage see through dress

Feb 17, 2013 – Tiwa Savage Wears See-Through Dress To Banky W’s Concert (Photo)

This is what Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage wore to Banky W’s concert on Friday.

Her dress is very close to that of Halle Berry’s see-through dress.

Nigerian celebs are now imitating American celebrities. Na wa o.

31 thoughts on “Tiwa Savage Wears See-Through Dress To Banky W’s Concert (Photo)

  1. what a sick and demeaning name. Savage. I wonder where her parents got that name? Slave master or slave trader? Savage….

  2. I cherish u so much but this’s too expensive for public view,we are in Africa.have u forgotten that u are people’s role model?.please correct urself darling.

  3. she wants to salvage her God given gift. Dis is nudity display in the name of fashion. I even thought so called celeb laced it wt gold. Mtcheew! alaraka!!

  4. How can a married woman expose herself like dis? Is a shame wat’re tryin 2 teach pple lookin up 2 u nudity? imitation is 1 big problem dat’s killin Nigerian. U’re a disgrace 2 women

  5. Is she married dats why her marriage no go last pls tell dem dat dis is africa and can neva be america neva wen she show d whole world her bdy wetin be d tin wey d hubby wan pay 4 all of dem yeye worry dem.all of una wey dey use dem as role models I pity una u better use ur parents and model ur life in d way ur parents did and leave dis naija celebs alone cos they r nottin to write homa abt.

  6. celeb my foot. this is civilised prostitution in disguise. o naija one day d world will name u (united nation of coruption) dul we are not united.lol

  7. wat a disgrace tiwon savage…..yu are a shameless idiot….see as yu molest yur family ……may GOD forgive you ooooo !!!!

  8. she is got a moderately good body..and what she is wearing is not dat bad. and when are we goin to start minding how own business in dis part of d world…the secret of a great society is learning to accept people for who they chose to be.

  9. TIWA…u’re a highly respected lady so y disapointin us,i lv so… Mch,ur songzzz on point,y putin us 2 shame,ur adress is in ur dress,see-tru dress 2 a party is a complete dissapointmt haba!dn’t u value those ur breast at all.dis doesn’t suit u at all.u’r a nigerian woman u no b oyibo’.

  10. Celebrities don’t attach any value to themselves. Ds is a lady a man will keep in the house? Why won’t that wedding crash? Savage, if not for anything, know that you owe God responsibility to respect your body which shd be the temple of the Holy Ghost. The thing wrong wit you socalled celebs is that you dont know that God can demand for your soul at any time. Where will your soul go to? Learn from current events. Be responsible; dont lead souls to hell bcos you’ll answer for them.

  11. I dnt hv a prob wiv wat she dcides 2 wear rada its d fittin n d cut I hv a problem wiv.if u dcide 2 wear smfin lik dis,den u shud get d best cuts n dsign 2 flatter ur shape.I tink its jst pieces of threads sewn 2geda dat u wore as an outfit.dat piece of clothe coverin ur boob region jst made it worse.I’m sure dat dress wud be a lot beta if d designer did a beta job.our celebrities dnt jst knw wat fashion rili is,dey jst buy clothes at an alarmin price n put on.if u wanna copy d western form of dressin,pls do it well.

  12. She should be tied and taken 2 a psychiatric hospital where her brain will b checked. I pity ur family and d one 2 be. Stupid celebrity. When did u even show up as a ”star”? Go and crash if u dont change.

  13. y did darey has to bring dat demonic girl 2 9ja in d 1st place,if not dat they are bad kids.as for tiwa am not surprise,didnt u si 1 of her video,she is a bitch.

  14. Tiwa, you need Jesus and I pray you open your heart to him. You are currently on a fast track to self destruction.

  15. Silly b**ch. All that is left is for you to stand on Sanusi Fafunwa. 10k or short time. Prostitute.. Ashewo

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