True Confession: I Am Deeply In Love With My Roommate’s Girlfriend, What Should I Do?

love my room mate girlfriend

June 12, 2016 – True Confession: I Am Deeply In Love With My Roommate’s Girlfriend, What Should I Do?

I’m a student in 400 levels. I’ve had my fair share of girlfriends in the first three years of my studies, so I decided that in my final year I’ll stay away from women and concentrate on my studies

So I was taken aback when I started having feelings for my roommate’s girlfriend. She is a sweet girl in her first year and does not deserve the treatment she gets from her boyfriend.

He maltreats and talks to her anyhow and I keep wondering what she sees in him. i’ve fallen in love with this girl and I want to snatch her from my friend.

Will it be wrong to snatch her from him? 

[Anonymous user writes from Osun State]

21 thoughts on “True Confession: I Am Deeply In Love With My Roommate’s Girlfriend, What Should I Do?

  1. Take your roommate’s girlfriend and go to early grave. There are no girls around again that you can have as girlfriend except your roommate’s girlfriend? do it and die. Just have pity on your parents that have invested so much on you.Mumu,fool.Go and do it and receive your death sentence. Idiot. A man can joke with everything he has but not with his wife or girlfriend.

  2. that is not love but lust. stop lusting after your roommate babe. you cant love what is beyond your reach. learn to be contented today or die lusting after women….08057323826

  3. that is lust not love. go get your own babe or fly and jump to sea then get drawn……08057323826

  4. People always give reasons for the evil things they do, and if your own reason for wanting to snatch your roommate’s friend from him is that he does not treat her well, are you now gonna treat her well? Or are you being deceived because your heart is swooning over her?

    If at all you care for the girl, wresting her from the hands of her boyfriend is not the solution. That is selfishness! Rather approach your roommate and advice him to hold fast what he has instead of honing an evil plan in your heart which you can never tell its consequences.

  5. Do not ever fall for the temptation of snatching your friends girlfriend or wife,Resist it at all cost, even if they are seperated,because it’s the devil luring you to an enermity dat would last forever btw you and your friend.If you care about her,advice your friend to take her seriously n if he continues with his uncaring act,you can advice her to seek a guy dat is worth her time bt certainly not you.A man can kill his father/brother on matters like this,talk less of a friend.Learn from Adam n stay away from dat particular Apple,there are plenty of Apples out there for you to juice from. This goes for all Men,STAY CLEAR OF YOUR FRIENDS MADAM

  6. My friend go and look for another girl, Long throat! Even if he maltreats her that’s non of ur business.

  7. Na spiritual conji dey worry you. Wait a minute…does the name “Pope Victor“ ring a bell to you? A UNIZIK student that recently stabbed his blood brother to death bcos of a mere girl? Did you learn any lesson from that?

    I take a stroll…

  8. How do you know the girl wants to date you? My advice is that you change rooms and give yourself space from this girl and her boyfriend. If you have feelings for her, maybe it is punishment for the way you have been toying with the feelings of your numerous past girlfriends. It is law of nature that a person must pay tithe, either you pay to God by acting right or you will pay to the devil when retribution befalls you for riding rough-shod over the feelings of others, those others in this instance being your past girlfriends. Leave your room mate’s girl alone or you will regret it.

  9. First Off, u sound more of a fool than stupid 2 me,cuz I dnt blv it wen some people claim 2 b in love wt a friend’s babe. U r in lust and going ‘lost’. Try it and bear d consequences. The media wl nw be posting ‘CULTISTS ON RAMPAG’E as headline wen guys like u die 4 notin. (My mind)

  10. What u feel for her is pity, don’t even try going after her, pray for her to see things for herself and leave d looser, unless d story u are tellg us is false then dat will be greed on ur own part. Thread softly.

  11. this is serious, honestly after reading d story i wanted to advice him to go for her that there is nothing new under d sky,d reason is , who knws if the babe has feelings for him as well. it happens at times, but now that everybody is against it, i tink am wrong

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