Ugandan Baby Girl Attacked By Nanny Pictured With Father


ugandan girl attacked nanny

Nov 22, 2014 – Ugandan Baby Girl Attacked By House Girl, Baby Sitter Pictured With Father

You’all must have seen the horrific video of a wicked baby sitter who beat an innocent girl mercilessly.

Due to the troubling nature of the video, I can’t share it with you but you can find it on

To cut the long story short, the maid was beaten to coma by the father of the innocent little child.

She was rushed to the hospital and after her recovery, she was handed 3 years imprisonment.

The evil nanny is now confined to a wheel chair and using a feeding tube.

The innocent little girl was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical checkup but thankfully she’s OK.

See more photos of the innocent baby girl below:

ugandan nanny attacks baby girl

Women, please beware who you put in care of your children.

Satanists in human form are plenty on this earth.

Thank goodness Nanny cams exposed the wicked lady.