Ugandan Man Smuggles Bundle Of 15 Itel Phones By Wrapping It Around Stomach

ugandan man wraps 15 phones around stomach

Ugandan Man Wraps 15 Itel Phones Around Body In Desperate Attempt To Smuggle Phones

Check out a smart hustler who was recently caught in Malaba, Uganda with 15 Itel phones he was trying smuggle into the country to sell.

The suspect identified as Aaron Kawombe from Mbale area of  Uganda reportedly bought the phones in Kenya and used a sellotape to wrap the phones around his body.

Sadly, the bubble burst during a random check by Ugandan Revenue Authority officers at a checkpoint in Malaba where he was arrested and whisked to IRA headquarter for investigation.

Since taxes are very high for small businesses in Uganda, young men like Kawombe use this means to earn extra income.

Such a poor man!.

2 thoughts on “Ugandan Man Smuggles Bundle Of 15 Itel Phones By Wrapping It Around Stomach

  1. Bought not stolen and wanted to sell to make some change..why not surcharge him and let him go rather than make him look like a common criminal.the richer folks will get tax breaks and the struggling masses gets the hit.mumu govt should reduce import duties,issue loans with little or zero interest and reduce taxes..its the only way small business will boost the economy.remind me idi amin dark years.

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