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Unspoken History, Coming Soon To Doppler Films

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Unspoken History: The Untold Evil Of Slavery & Colonialism

Unspoken History Documentary Coming Soon To Doppler Films.

Most people are unaware that just before slave trade, colonization and all its attendant evil, Africa already had great and functional empires like Timbuktu, Ghanian empires, the NOK culture, Benin Kingdom, Ife empire and so on…and that at that same time, Europe was ravaged by poverty, plagues and disease…

And so, afraid that their population might be wiped out, in desperation, European kings and queens selected the most vicious of their population, men like Christopher Columbus, Mungo Park, David Livingstone, Richard Francis Bolton, Nicolo de Conti, Amerigo Vespucci and a host of other very mean hearted mercenaries, equipped and paid them, and then charged them to go to other continents like Africa, the Americas and Asia, places with less population at the time and abundant natural resources, with the aim of pillaging and exploiting those places, and bring back the spoils and booty to Europe.

Although these men are celebrated as explorers today in our history books and in the mainstream media, they were nothing but cold hearted mecenaries who committed unspeakable acts of violence and evil against the natives.

Christopher Columbus who is one of the great European heroes for example, was welcomed by native Americans when he appeared on the shores of the Americas with his men…to reciprocate their fantastic hospitality, his solders were said to have snatched babies from the breast of their mothers and dashed their heads against the rocks, that he himself fed children to his dogs, cut of the breast of women, sliced off the nose and hands of men who could not pay his ordered tax of gold, re-enacted the crucification of Jesus by having a lot of men hanged the way he assumed Jesus and his disciples met their end, and with his men, raped and annihilated whole population of the natives, among whom they had already spread “European” diseases and so on.

These are but a few of the evil associated with slavery and colonialism which we shall be looking at in details in an upcoming mini documentary film.

Civilization did not start in Europe as the rest of the world did not wait for Europeans to bring the light as some argue, please take note of this and try to subscribe to our YouTube channel @DopplerFilms



  1. George Ekwe

    September 7, 2020 at 12:43 AM

    These ugly beasts are in the same group as donald j trump, the 20th century slave trader inciting violence to kill blacks

  2. Lola Akala

    September 12, 2020 at 7:22 AM

    They are no human being, they are only animals

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