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Update: Soldiers Break Into Port Harcourt Police Station, Free Suspects As They Beat Up Policemen & Civilians

soldiers invade police station free criminals ph

Update: Soldiers Break Into Port Harcourt Police Station, Free Suspects As They Beat Up Policemen & Civilians

A mild drama happened yesterday at Ada George Police Station in Port Harcourt Rivers state, when soldiers, attached to 6 Division, broke into the station to some free suspected criminals.

The incident reportedly followed the killing of a soldier by a police officer at a checkpoint.

A police source said that soldiers invaded the station and beat up policemen and civilians.

He said: ”The soldiers first came and took the body of their colleague away. They returned later, opened the cells, freed suspects and beat up our men and civilians.”

The source said the soldier was mistakenly killed because policemen at the checkpoint thought he was a criminal, as he was in mufti, armed and violent.




  1. Metu Nyetu

    May 18, 2018 at 5:21 AM

    I LIVE in Port Harcourt. Nonetheless, what I gather may not be the most accurate: What looked like a skirmish had broken out among some unidentified civilians. The soldier, as an effort to effectively quell the disturbance, then released some bullets into the air.

    A) This soldier was in plain clothes,
    B) His gun was not a rifle, but a pistol, and
    C) This was happening right by or in front of a police station.

    We all could testify to how charged and challenged that this country presently is, security-wise. With the incessant and inordinate spates of kidnap and armed robbery attacks, every gunshot is a threat. Hence, the policemen on duty, staggering into action, shot the military officer without a second guess.

    NO MATTER HOW SLANTED OUR INDIVIDUAL VIEWS MAY be on this, I am strongly convinced that the police and the military share EQUALLY on the weight of the blame. I dare even say that, should the blame be tilted on one side, the army should bear it more. But let us keep it even:

    A) For the army, you don’t wear plain clothes and wield guns anyhow in a place that is already volatile. Anything could happen.

    B) And for the police, you NEED a lot more training on how to handle guns. Every police officer walking the streets seem to be trigger-happy. What happened to the word, Surrender!???????

  2. DG

    May 18, 2018 at 6:01 PM

    **** or what do you call ya sef?
    U no get *****,
    “ was mistakenly kill coz they “THOUGHT” he was a criminal ????????????
    So now in Nigeria police go just think say u be thief and then shoot and even though I dey try drag or explain to them say their thought is wrong, they goes “oh u wan teach me my job” wake up man
    I agreed with what the army did oo coz this police don kill kill too much

  3. Metu Nyetu

    May 18, 2018 at 7:32 PM

    @DG, SOME PEOPLE HAVE really traveled far and wide, and gathered a lot of experiences, yet their brains are not exposed to light. They pass through the world without letting the world pass through them. Thus, they remain benighted.

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