Video: Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jet Attacks Boko Haram Camps In Borno State

nigerian airforce attack boko haram

Feb 25, 2015 – Video: Nigerian Military Fighter Jet Carries Out Airstrike Attacks On Boko Haram Camps In Borno State just received this undated video of a recent operation the Nigerian military carried out on Boko Haram hideouts in Borno state.

In the well-coordinator operations, the Nigerian air force conducted a massive air raid that destroyed the sect’s hideouts in Bama, Pulka, Gwoza, Sambisa and Gaba.

PRNigeria claimed this video was shot this week during an air operations that lasted for about 3 hours.

In the video, Boko Haram terrorists can be seen running out of their camps under a very heavy air bombardment by the Nigerian Air force fighter jet.

Watch the video below:

If they can keep up this momentum and rid the military of Boko Haram sponsors, Nigeria will win this war within a short period of time.

8 thoughts on “Video: Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jet Attacks Boko Haram Camps In Borno State

  1. Yes when mr president demanded for One billion dolar loan to buy more sophiscated weapons the opposition kicked against it saying all kinds of thing, now see how the military are killing the insurgents, my younger bros happens to be one of soldiers in borno so he narrates all dat is happening there to me, kudos to d military/ fg.

  2. @REDCAP CHIEF y will he be allowed to borrow money, what happened to the money in nigerian reserve, what happen to the money gotten out of subsidy, he said he will strengthen all other aspect that needs tobe strengthened, what happen to the money , didn’t he knew that millions of people were killed till six weeks to election. The money that said tobe gotten out of subsidy can be used to strengthen and develop Nigeria for year.

    • have u ever had dat jonathan took such action twice or more and d whole north where against him claiming he is kill innocent pple, he is against d north, threaten to charge he 4 war crime and genocide, even d Apc kick against it,dey forstrate all his efort 4 there selfish reason. y are Nigerians so easy to manuplate by this criminals, are Nigerians real fools, OBJ did a lot of atrocity,and d past nothern presidents,una no complain, y now some 1 from d south south. d pple der oil money has been feeding 9ja and dis criminals, lagos and abuja is a megacity even kano, from our oil, what do we have in south south and south east nothing and is it fair? dey should allow jonathan to complet his term in peace and allow him to implement some of his agenda, bcos like dis it will nt work, we will resist dat, let me tell u all who did nt know d implicatiom dirt politics of APC, any sound of gun shot in 9ja as war, 9ja will separate, and we will c who is d loser.

  3. Jonathan is a “living dead,” who shipped his children to safety, while those of poor Nigerians and others bear the brunt of the Boko Haram hooligans. Jonathan must go and should be served a notice by the people and the security forces.

  4. My question is that ,why now after thousands have died… it is obvious that the government value Election that our life’s and properties.. So you know the right things to do and you have been keeping silence all these while on problem facing the country and you let them kill and rapes our innocent citizens…

  5. Do you mean all should die since thousands have died? Think before talking that’s what the good book said. I wish some people like will be leaders in your communities.

  6. you mean we should wait for another 4years? your plan to eliminate the northern population by supplying BH with weapons through your deltan militants and so call mumu clerics is blocked by card reader, change has come, even GMB vibrations is finishing this nothern-blood suckers! hehehaaaaaa

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