Video: Nigerian Girl With Pretty Eyeballs, Peace Samuel Omana The Ugwu Seller Gets 1st Shoot

peace samuel omana

August 9, 2017 – Video: Peace Samuel Omana The Ugwu Seller, Nigerian Girl With Pretty Eyeballs Gets 1st Photoshoot

Meet Peace Samuel Omana, the daughter of a vegetable seller whose story went viral last week after she was discovered by a photographer at Mile 12 market in Lagos.

Peace has done her first photo shoot at Revelia Photography studio in Lagos.

See her first video below

Below are photos from her first shoot with Balogun Abimbola of Revelia Photography.

nigerian girl pretty eyeballs

Just like Ogiri woman, Peace Samuel’s transformation is just around corner, her star is about to shine.

10 thoughts on “Video: Nigerian Girl With Pretty Eyeballs, Peace Samuel Omana The Ugwu Seller Gets 1st Shoot

  1. you see now, this gal and her poor mother will get better life now,not help from doctor as the mother was saying,that eyes is gift from God,reason education is very good thing.

  2. Hahahahahaha @ Inspector Jago… Your comment here‘s very funny indeed. Okay o, mr bench fit come after you o…ehen.

    Wait! But on a very serious note, this hazel-eyed Peace Samuel of a girl is something else. She‘s on her way to becoming another Olajumoke the Bread seller who was fortunately and suddenly transformed from nothing to stardom when she was also discovered by another photographer selling her bread.

    I wish her all the best and may all her secret enemies perish before they ever get to her.

    With the way this babe is looking, even singer Rihanna will envy her.
    This also goes to show that most of the places people term as “Slums“ actually habours real hidden STARS not discovered.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Red eyes =suffering and hardship in nigeria,igbo smoking /india herm
    Green eyes and Blue eyes=paparazi and instant celebrity example jumoke the bread seller.
    Black eye= Domestic violence e.g. tonto dike and mercy give gentry etc.
    Brown eyes=normal eyes both home and abroad.10/10
    make una clap for me.

  4. Princess p. chuks, your analysis is right on point. This girl, Peace Samuel Mmana is destined to make it in life. With education combined with her beauty especially beautiful romantic hazel eyes, she will be a star. Thank God her mother did not listen to those jealous market women.

  5. So many un-tap resources in this part of the land called Nigeria…..not only about natural gas and oil,human resources are equally wasting, and the wicked blood sucking greedy people calling themselves politicians are allowing everything to languish. God divide Nigeria please.

  6. God has a reason for blessing you with those eyes, He wants to use you and bless the family you are in….. may His will be done in your life. amen
    I wish you good luck dear.

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