“We’ll Kill Nigerians In Pakistan” – Family Of Pakistani Nationals Kidnapped In Nigeria

pakistani kidnapped in nigeria

May 30, 2013 – “We’ll Kill Nigerians In Pakistan” – Family Of Pakistani Nationals Kidnapped In Nigeria

The families of the five Pakistani nationals on board an oil vessel, Mt Matrix 1, abducted last Saturday at 40 nautical miles off the Bayelsa coast have told the management of the company, Matrix Energy, in Warri, Delta State, not to pay any ransom to the abductors to get them released, promising to take revenge on Nigerians in their hundreds in Pakistan, if any of the victims was killed.

The abducted victims include the Captain, Chief Officer, cook and two others. They were conveying automated gasoline oil, AGO, from Lagos to Eket, when they were abducted at 9pm.

Sources said that relevant security agencies in Bayelsa State and Warri in Delta State, had been informed of the incident.

The source added  that the company had begun negotiation with the abductors, but that details of negotiations with the company on ransom were not disclosed.

[Source: Vanguard]

6 thoughts on ““We’ll Kill Nigerians In Pakistan” – Family Of Pakistani Nationals Kidnapped In Nigeria

  1. Niger-Delta Boys Kidnapers,Ibos Boys,Harm Robers, Northern Nigeria Boko Harm, God will save the normal good Nigeria people that will pay the prices,now in Pakistian they will start killing poor Nigeria people,just for Niger-delta kidnappers.look at them those money foto cope tribes, no education sleep on river and live with Ogogoro and fish, with all kind od wopons like in war zone or film,i pray Nigeria break into 5 parts and everybody go seperate ways, then we will know which part have bad name,but now they said only Nigerian people.

  2. @Mulikat, are the likes of Michael Adebolajo & Michael Adebowale (the two Yoruba boys) who murdered the British soldier in the name of allah last week in Woolwich- London not causing racist comments and discrimination against Nigerians in the UK? Have you ever thought of Britain tightening their policy just to get rid of Nigerians in their country and also refusing Nigerians Visa? NO. All you remember is *****hate words*** tribalism. Nigeria will surely break because of ****censored hate words***** like you who only sees evil in other tribes but theirs.

  3. let the family of pakis do what there want and the family of the ppl there will kill there person will search for paki in 9ja and kill them so let them just keep that there smelling mouth quiet and play the game with the company.

  4. So far the yorubas are the most peaceful tribe in this country, i pray Nigeria divide soon, so that those greedy nd selfish **** will be on there own. Nd the bokoharams too can feed on themselves.

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