Woman Arrested Over Intimate Affair With Pet Dog


August 30, 2012 – Woman Arrested Over Intimate Affair With Pet Dog

A woman has been arrested in her Moreleta Park residence in Pretoria, South Africa for allegedly having an intimate affair with her pet dog. www.naijagists.com

The woman whose name has been withheld got busted when an anonymous individual dropped off a DVD recording of the woman’s erotic affair with her dog at an animal protection organization.

The police issued a warrant to search the woman’s home on Wednesday after a complaint from the animal protection agency.

After a thorough search of her home, police found more recordings of the woman having intimacy with the dog.

“It appears that she was recording these activities all along. She was immediately arrested after we searched the house,” said a police source.

She is set to appear in a Pretoria court today on a charge of bestiality.

God have mercy!

The end time is here folks.