African Man Finds Love Potion Charm Bottle In Girlfriend’s Bag & Paper With Names Of Several Men

man finds love potion charm girlfriend bag

Zimbabwean Man Finds Love Potion Charm Bottle In Girlfriend’s Handbag & Paper With Names Of Several Men

A lover man in Zimbabwe is still yet to recover from the shock he got when he found a very strange thing in the handbag his girlfriend forgot in his car.

According to iHarare, the 19-year-old girl forgot her handbag in her boyfriend’s car after a night party.

Out of curiousity, he reportedly opened up the bag and what she found will shock any man.

He found a bottle with a concoction believed to be a love potion and a white paper with names of several men on it.

He is of the opinion that the men are the people she plans to use the love potion on.

He took to the social media to share his findings with the photo.

zimbabwe man love potion bottle names men

This should serve as  a warning to men who mess around with girls.

Many of them are already in a spiritual trap while some are about to be trapped.

And if you don’t believe in voodoo, this should open your eyes.

Black magic is real my brothers and sisters. Don’t fall victim!!!.

8 thoughts on “African Man Finds Love Potion Charm Bottle In Girlfriend’s Bag & Paper With Names Of Several Men

  1. Ogun abenu gongo, dis is not new, girls do it all the time especially slay Queens on the social media like Toke Makinwa

  2. Very scary I can’t believe someone can hold another person destiny in a bottle.
    I only thing it happens in movies. It is time to start taking these movies seriously

  3. dis is even the easiest to break, prayer and fasting can do it but the ones desperate ladies use to snatch husbands is the deadliest. They throw it in river or on top of trees no one can reach. it is called Ise cele.
    These girls are common in churches

  4. The greatest charm is when a woman keep maintaining her honey pot and every other part of her body, and with good character,any unguided man can die inside her…… with all these black juju of a thing, i wonder why Africa is still behind in everything…

    • Thank you @Mon. Juju or no juju if a woman fails to keep herself clean especially the sugar land with good character like you said, no man will stay with her. This juju thing I don’t buy into. The only love charm that will work is pure love with good character.

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