Serena And Venus Williams: We’re Not Nigerians

serena williams in lagos nigeria

Nov 1st, 2012 – Serena And Venus Williams: We’re Not Nigerians

Serena and Venus Williams who arrived Nigeria few days ago are still struggling to clear a conflict of origin issue in relation to Nigeria.

In an interview on Wednesday Oct 31st, the American tennis superstar stated categorically that they’re not Nigerians though they love Nigeria and her citizens.

Popularly called Williams sisters, they declared they’re purely Americans with no Nigerian root as widely believed in some African countries today.

Serena Williams, who joined her elder sister, Venus Williams to train some selected kids the rudiments of tennis at the Ikoyi Club in Lagos Wednesday evening, said their parents may be black with slight traces from Africa, but she insisted that they are from the United States of America, USA.

We have heard from many people asking whether we hail from the Badagry area of Lagos in Nigeria. But we are using this opportunity to clear the air once and for all. We are proud Americans, we are not from Nigeria but we love the people of this country no doubt,” Serena said.