2Face’s Wife Annie Idibia & Daughter Find America Boring?

annie idibia pregnant

Dec 3rd, 2013 – Tuface’s Wife Annie Idibia & Daughter Find America Boring?

Nollywood actress Annie Macaulay the pregnant wife of African Queen crooner Tuface Idibia is finally getting bored in the United States of America.

As we are all aware that the mother of one has travelled to the US for the delivery of her baby, yesterday, she took to the social media to tell fans she is a bit bored.

Annie Macaulay Idibia shared the above photo of her daughter Isabella and herself in matching Adidas sport wear heading out for shopping and she captioned it:

“#red #addidas #mama #child bored so we going shopping!!! One of her fav tinz…hehehehe like daddy not me ooo”

Most people especially elderly folks who have travelled outside of Nigeria to countries like Canada and the United States usually complain of boredom especially in the winter season.

Annie Idibia must have been used to the exciting social life in Nigeria.

Take heart Annie it’s almost over.

24 thoughts on “2Face’s Wife Annie Idibia & Daughter Find America Boring?

  1. Eyha,sorry sister,it depends on the state you choose my dear,don’t worry i know your boring have to do with the cold and missing your man it will soon be over sweetie.safe delivery hot mama,don’t let 2face beat you over this baby’s look.

  2. Please come over to California where the weather is nicer and you will not be bored. Your boredom has to do with winter (cold) period.

  3. Does it mean dat dis litle girl is not going 2 school?becos is so obvious dat she goes everywhere wit her parents……nah wah ooooo.well I wish Annie well in her delivery.

  4. If u don tire com back home, no vex oo y e b say all dis celebs deh like go outside go born? Our hospitals for naija nko abi d oyibo doctors deh help dem push? Pikin na pikin e no mata wer u born am abi guy, how u see am?

  5. no one asked you to go, having your baby in the US , doesn’t make your baby any different from the ones born back in Africa… as you know you Nigerians like names and titles….. NEITHER DOES IT WARRANTY YOUR BABY AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP OR GREEN CARD… JUST CALL IT MERE STUPIDITY….. IT ISN’T FREE EITHER, YOU PAY FOR IT…YOU NEVER SEE FOREIGNERS, COMING TO AFRICA TO HAVE THEIR BABIES

      • it’s changed, the immigration statues has changed, except one of the parents have green card, or and with an american citizenship…, most people still don’t know that

  6. @ d truth; who will want to b in d shoes of mrs fada of all nations or u tink say na by america?, @ bekky schools ar on holiday now,@ anty amebo dem wan born citizen ooo

  7. I guess you just wanted to take some time off and rub it in other people’s faces. As in you are bored and the remedy is shopping?
    Huh, showy showy. Did Nigeria expel you? Return home if you think it is better.

  8. Hello Miss Red,u said u live by LA in CA, i landed LAX yesterday and is in Hawthirne, i will like to see what your face looks like.i come from Anambra like you and have abacha for you ,my sis said u said u miss abacha so i have for u.pls no disappiont me,,i go leave lA,on sat for DC from there go back to Naija. Can i see your face.

  9. Schools are not on holidays anywhere in Nigeria now rather they are writing their first term exam. May be her own school is on ASUU STRIKE.

  10. Na wa haters!as for idiot that call tuface father of all nations,if tuface appear now,saying let’s go out together,wont u melt.idiot!!!did he force those girls that had kids for him?mumu.com

  11. baby stop complaining n come back to naija, or is that ur daughter not schooling? if i may ask, where was she born ? or will there be much difft wit d new baby abeg let us hear sthg joooooo

  12. she really wants to say “look at me, i gonna deliver my baby in the USA, and oh i m shopping in A M E R I C A”, you know how these people like to show of and brag. a Nigerian is a Nigerian, no matter where they are born. a leopard does not change its spots.

  13. I see,Roving ambassador,I said i live in LA not by.I don’t know where your hawthrine is,do you mean Hawthorne,if yes,you are closer to my place of work Harbour UCLA which should be less than 10 to 15 minutes drive,you are free to stop by and ask of me,Am not working on Saturday & Sunday.who is your “sis” and what’s her name ? Anyway i leave the hospital around 3.30 to 4 in the afternoon.Thanks for the abacha in advance.PLS am not your advertising agent D nwa,you don’t have to give me or tell me where you are meant to be at any time.Enjoy your stay,I will be waiting for you and will love to see you just don’t disappoint yourself because it won’t be from me.Are you clear.make sure you visit.

  14. As a matter of fact D nwa i just got at work right now and about to clock in and will be there till when I said.feel free to come.

  15. Big head tolotolo D nwa,red waited all day to be paged and was not,maybe California governor can’t have enough of you and is not letting you go.Anyway just in case,Ask of Diana in the children’s wing,am right there now,I have narrowed it down for and of course come with a valid ID.

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