56 Christians Burned Alive By Boko Haram In Chibok, Borno During Service


boko haram burned christians alive

June 30, 2014 – Boko Haram Militants In Army Uniform Burnt 56 Christians To Death Near Chibok After Locking Them Up In Church

56 Christians Burned Alive By Boko Haram Near Chibok Borno State After Locking Them Up During Service

Boko Haram Jihadi sect on Sunday unleashed terror in 3 churches in villages near Chibok Borno State killing 56 people instantly.

The attack that happened in Kwada, Kautikari and Nguragila villages started around 8:45 am where many Christians were at church.

A source said the Jihadists arrived the villages dressed in military uniforms in Sport Utility Vehicles and engaged in a killing spree till 12:30pm.

A resident said the Islamic fighters locked up worshippers inside EYN, Deeper Life and COCIN church before bombing the building.

Manaseh Allen, a Chibok-based youth leader, also confirmed Sunday’s coordinated attacks on the three villages.

“There is confusion everywhere in the Chibok area,” “If the attackers could succeed in day time, what if they come in the night?” He urged the federal government to redouble its commitment to combating terrorism.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace.