87-Year-old Kidnapper Arrested Inside Falgore Forest In Kano

87 year old kidnapper arrested kano forest

September 8, 2016 – 87-Year-old Kidnapper Arrested Inside Falgore Forest In Kano

Muhammad Tukur, 87, who has lived in the Falgore Forest in Kano for over three decades, has been apprehended by the Kano Police Command for allegedly being part of a kidnapping gang.

However, Tukur denied being a member of the criminal gang that has specialised in kidnapping and cattle rustling for over 30 years operating from the Falgore Forest.

He told reporters at the Kano Police Command that he had never participated in kidnapping or cattle rustling; but had been arrested because he refused to flee when the police swooped on the den of the criminals.

“For years that the criminals had been operating in the forest close to my house and I had been warning them that there will be a day when they will meet their waterloo; but they refused to listen.”

On why he did not report their nefarious activities to the police, Tukur said: “I refused to report to police believing that they (criminals) are close to the security operatives. But nobody believed my story; instead they said I’m part of the criminal gang.”


8 thoughts on “87-Year-old Kidnapper Arrested Inside Falgore Forest In Kano

  1. 87 year old refused to flee during police raid? Well that is one way of putting it, but It could well be he was not agile enough to flee arrest. However, his failure to inform the police about the activities of the criminal is only a breach of a moral duty but to my thinking not a crime on the man’s part just as the other suspects fleeing from arrest is not without more, conclusive that they committed crimes. After all, everybody knows the likely consequences if one is caught during police raids and with the economic situation they must have advised themselves that fleeing is easier than explanation.

  2. In my beautiful,blessed country, our policemen are true believers of someone must pay for a crime.

    Did you guys have any solid evidence on him ? I bet NO !

    Why una no catch the young robbers
    You’re angry he didn’t run when you guys came.
    Una be God?
    Pls change the story.

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