Aba Shoemakers In Fear As Abia Governor Signs Contract To Build Chinese Shoe Factory In The State

chinese shoe factory aba abia state

May 13, 2017 – Aba Shoemakers In Fear As Abia State Governor Signs Contract To Establish Chinese Shoe Factory In The State

Shoemakers in Enyimba City, Aba are currently living in fear after the state Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu recently signed a deal with China to establish a shoe factory in the State.

At the Ariaria International Market, there are many sections solely designated for shoemaking. At the market there are many clusters of shoemakers who produce various types of shoes. At the section known as Shoe Plaza, shoemakers there produce female shoes only.

At Bakasi or Umuechilegbu shoe section, the shoemakers only produce shoes and bags for men. Also, a section of the market called Powerline is made up of shoemakers that also produce shoes for women.

The shoemakers at the Ariaria International Market are so gifted that with stove, gums they join leathers to soles to produce shoes that find buyers not only in other part of the country but also in sub Saharan Africa.

The volume of trade that goes on, on daily basis is such that it accounts for a large portion of the state’s internally generated revenue. But with the recent plan by the state government following Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu’s trade mission to China and the signing of memorandum of understanding between the state and Chinese shoe manufacturers for the establishment of a shoe factory in the state, shoemakers in Aba have expressed mixed feelings.

Mr. Joe Iko is a shoemaker at Shoe Plaza Ariaria Market who has been in the coupling of leather and soles to make shoes said the decision to bring in Chinese shoemakers is a wrong step. He said: “Our grouse is that we were not consulted before the state government took the decision.

Bringing foreign shoe manufacturers into Aba will throw us into the labour market. What government should have done is to find a way to bring in machines that will assist the shoemakers to go into large scale production and abandon the use of stove and other crude methods that we have been using.

I have lived in and made my living in Aba in shoemaking. I don’t know how to do any other thing apart from shoemaking. If I am thrown out of the business by the Chinese, where will I go? I am asking this because they, the Chinese, will throw us into the labour market.” Okemili Izuiuzo said he started as a cobbler in Aba and later learnt how to make shoes especially for women.

I have made money from shoemaking to train my four children who are all graduates. The act of shoemaking in Aba is now on another level; all we need is to be given machines.

“We are not afraid of the Chinese shoemakers but all we are saying is that before they resume, we should be equipped to enable us to compete with them effectively,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Aba Shoemakers In Fear As Abia Governor Signs Contract To Build Chinese Shoe Factory In The State

  1. that their governor self acts like someone who is ignorant. he’s is supposed to encourage the shoe makers in his state by equipping them with good machines and not empowering foreigners to produce things in aba. Nigerian governors (I mean some of them) the way they think and act irritates me. we are looking for away to make Nigerians to depend on Nigerian products and motivate the producers of such items to do better and see how corruption will eradicated in Nigeria.

  2. God bless you, bring chinese is end of Aba Shoemakers,Govt should help with Machines not Chinese, next time vote this useless Govt out.no job in naija, the few ones we have ,they want to give it to Chinco, hwo black our leaders brain.

  3. WRONG.bringing chinese into the business is a way to show case aba talents to the world..eg most countries may want low priced shoes but must be rebranded by a reputable trade mark name to market them..even when u travel to nw york,toronto or swiss..u may buy a tshirt or shoe and it says made in india or made in honduras…even cars and computers..they pass it down for a free labour and bring it back to the huge market abroad to make sales..a step in the right direction.

  4. Thank you @MARYF and mulikat for your comments. Can we now see how unsagacious and shortsighted the decision of those we called our leaders can be?. China that became the second largest economy today after the United State once began with the production of locally manufactured goods and gradually gained proficiency over the years with the help of well funded research and technology that eventually saw them exporting their locally made goods to the international market . What stops the Abia State Governor from imitating the fine example of the Chinese by funding our able-bodied and business oriented Igbo people in Abia State with modern day technology and quality equipments to enhance production of shoes, bags and clothes that can meet up with international standard? Inviting developed country like China into the mainstream production and marketing of wears in Nigeria will only deplete Abia State revenue and shut down many small scale businesses owned
    By Struggling individuals, a move that will further send them back into the labour market. Their is a need for our leaders to wake up from their slumber and stop their irrational decision that will only end up throwing up our businesses into the hands of the wight people.

  5. Thisbis absolutely rubbish. He actually want to destroy the impression and the already made name of aba people. why not build the industry and equip the guys to make an improvement. careless leaders are what we always hav in naija

  6. Chinese bought him off already and he has eventually sold out Aba in particular, selfish with myopic and short sighted leaders.

    This is the same way average Nigerian reason, thinking about himself alone,without minding the impact of his decision in the near future.

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