Nigerian Soldier Kills Tricycle Rider Over N100 Bribe In Abia

soldier kills tricycle rider 100 naira bribe

Nigerian Soldier Kills Tricycle Rider Over N100 Bribe In Abia State

A tricycle rider who is the sole caretaker of his family has been murdered in Abia state.

According to viral report on the social media, the deceased driver pictured above was shot by a bribe-seeking soldier at Umuokereke Ngwa community in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia state today for refusing to yield to his demand.

The driver who just welcomed a baby was shot dead because he refused to pay the military man the 100 Naira bribe he demanded for.

His death has led to a massive protest in the aforementioned community in Abia state.

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Soldier Kills Tricycle Rider Over N100 Bribe In Abia

    • what a pity, what a shame, Nigeria gradually shipping into anarchy. sooner or later it will be a free for all fight. the army have completely lost the respect they use to have before civilians. the hate is building up very soon we will all decide to die and you know what that means.

  1. I thank God for bringing me into this world…but the angel that directed me to Nigeria I have nothing to say now until we meet

  2. WHEN YOU SEE some army officers talking about corruption in the police, you think that they, themselves, are saints. The truth is that they are not any less criminals than those men in black. Everything that the police do, they do. Their only limitation is that they don’t check vehicle papers; and they would start that very soon. After all, an army office at a checkpoint once asked me for my tinted permit. In utter shock, I screamed, “Since when?”. We stared at ourselves briefly. I, having somewhere very important I was going, did not want any delay. I thought it is wise to show him the permit and be on my way quickly, instead of claiming my grounds and refusing to show him.

  3. that stupid soldier that wasted the life of my brother and still have the guts to stand on the checkpoint smoking will hear from our native doctor soon..

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