Nigerian Woman In Viral Suicide Report, Brenda Chidinma Orioha Breaks Silence

woman commits suicide abia state

Nigerian Woman Slams Bloggers Over Fake Suicide Report…Brenda Chidinma Orioha Breaks Silence

Abia Woman Who Allegedly Killed Herself & Her Children After Husband Slept With Housemaid Denies Report

Meet Brenda Unique, a woman who reportedly took her own life and that of her children in Abia state after she allegedly caught her husband pants down with their housemaid.

Lagos-based Brenda who hailed from Umuahia Abia state has slammed those spreading false rumour about her.

Her real name is Brenda Chidinma Orioha. The photo in the viral report is that of her children.

brenda chidinma orioha

Brenda Chidinma Orioha

Here is her response to the false report.

“May thunder strike the originator of this post.

May his or her generation be wiped out from the surface of this earth.
Where did you get your facts from?.

What will u gain by displaying my pictures and that of my children with this your malicious lies and deceit.
Please people disregard this information as i am the person in question and is a big lie.

Am alive and also my children and such incidence has never happened in my marriage..

brenda unique

Beware of things you read on the social media.

4 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman In Viral Suicide Report, Brenda Chidinma Orioha Breaks Silence

  1. O God arise in your anger and let the ground open to swallow the originator of the false rumour in the name of Jesus. The rumour originator’s feet shall be dark and slippery in the name of Jesus. His/her children shall become father less and motherless.

    To the woman and her children, you shall live and not die in Jesus name. You shall eat the fruits of your labor. Your shall shall suddenly arise from His temple and compensate with a dumb folding breakthroughs in Jesus name.


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