“An Islamic Cleric, Imam Persuaded Me To Join Boko Haram” – Kuje Abuja Bombing Suspect Confesses

kuje abuja bombing

Oct 24, 2015 – “An Islamic Cleric, Imam Persuaded Me To Join Boko Haram” – Kuje Abuja Bombing Suspect Confesses

One of the suspected Boko Haram members, Abdulwa­heed Nasiru a.k.a Haulaki who allegedly participated in the October 2 multiple blasts in Nyanya and Kuje, two satellite towns in the Federal Capital Territory, that claimed about 20 lives has sensationally told the role he played in the incident.

He was among the five suspects paraded Thursday at the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad Headquarters in Abuja, where several bomb-making materials recovered from them were also displayed. Others are Abdulazeez Muhazab, Ishaka Salihu, Mohammed Jimoh and Abdullahi Nasiru.

They were arraigned in court same day even as Haulaki left his lawyer speechless when he pleaded guilty to the charges read to him.

At the police station before his arraignment, Haulaki, who is a native of Okene, Kogi State confessed that he was indoctrinated into the Boko Haram sect by one Mustapha.

He admitted that he was further convinced to join the sect when university graduates tore their certificates just to become members of the sect.

“I am an Igbira man and my people are mainly Muslims. I was able to attend primary school which I did not complete because my parents were farmers and they said education was a waste of time. I came to Abuja seven years ago to learn auto mechanic at Games Village and I graduated four years after before establishing my own workshop at Galadima roundabout, Abuja. I got married and my wife is currently pregnant.

“In 2013 I was convinced to join Boko Haram at the mosque along the road before Total Filling Station, in Aiyoke area of Okene, Kogi State. Though I rented an apartment very close to the mosque, it was one of the sons of the landlord of that house, who is my friend, Abubakar that convinced me to start attending the mosque before he was killed during one of their clashes with soldiers. He personally introduced me to Mustapha, the Imam and owner of the mosque.

“Mustapha was the one who indoctrinated me into the Boko Har­am sect. He urged me through his teachings which were mainly on Fridays after the Jumat prayers, Saturdays and Sundays to be faith­ful to God and do His wishes and I should also oppose those going against the teachings of Prophet Muhammed.

“Mustapha usually urged us to support cause of Jihad in any part of the country in any way we can and when we cannot donate our­selves or money to the cause, we should at least pray for those wag­ing the war. In some of his teachings, he told us that western educa­tion was a sin and working for the government was also a sin. He then asked those who have gone through secondary and university education to destroy their certificates. A lot of people, who gradu­ated from the secondary and university in that mosque, destroyed their certificates. That singular act fully convinced me that if these my brothers who attended university can destroy their certificates be­cause of Boko Harm, I should not hesitate,” he said.

Aside his late friend Abubakar who was killed during a clash be­tween Boko Haram members and soldiers, Haulaki met some other young men, like Usman, Abduljalal, Abu Hamza, Bilal and Haroun.

“These men were highly devoted to the cause and they told me that they usually rob unbelievers and use the money to support the activities of the group. Abu Hamza is our leader and also one of the bomb manufacturers, he also trained Usman how to make bomb. The main bomb making expert is one Al Qudus, he has trained so many people. Hamza was the one who led us to rob two banks in Owo, Ondo State and Okene, Kogi State, and it is through that means that he raises money for bomb materials and others. I am a very good driver and my duty is to drive vehicles to various destinations. I usu­ally don’t ask if there is bomb in those vehicles or not, all I do is to follow instruction. Few months ago, some security agents came from Kaduna and arrested Hamza and took him away. Few days to the Sallah, Usman was also arrested in Abuja with a stolen car and I got instructions from very senior members of our sect to move all the ready-made bombs and bomb-making materials out of Usman’s house in Gaulaki area in Suleja Ni­ger State to my brother’s house in Karmajiji who is also a member of the sect and another house at Iddo area after Airport in Abuja. I also gave, two Ak-47 rifles and some bombs to a senior member, Ab­dulahi who took them to Okene, Kogi State. Few days before the last sallah, vigilante men arrested me and handed me over to soldiers from where I was detained and later handed over to the police,” he fur­ther narrated.

Realising that the game was up, Haulaki took the police to three houses where they use to keep already made bombs and chemicals at Iddo, Gaulaka and Dan Asato areas in Abuja and Suleja.

When asked which part of the Engineering text book they use to consult as guideline on to how to make bomb, Haulaki said: “I told you that I did not finish primary school, so I can hardly read or write. These big books belong to Al Qudus who is the bomb making expert. Whenever they are producing the bomb, he would be reading things out and those that went to school will understand. It’s like he read engineering at the university.”

Their arrest

Shortly after the October 2 attacks in Abuja, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Solomon Arase drafted the newly established Spe­cial Intelligence Response Team, SIRT, to investigate and possibly arrest the suspects.

The elite unit of the Police Force, created by Arase, to combat terrorism , armed robbery, kidnapping and various violent crimes, launched a massive onslaught on the Abuja cell of the sect, leading to the arrest of five suspected members while several IEDS, laptop and IED materials were recovered .

Investigations revealed that the arrest of the suspects and subse­quent recoveries have since thrown members of the sect, who are mainly Igbirra in Okene, Kogi State, into disarray.

Security sources, who spoke in Okene, Kogi State, on the condi­tion of anonymity, disclosed that several members of the cell, based in Abuja are returning in their scores to Okene, while others have been forced to escape and relocate to neighboring states.

It was gathered that, the operatives from SIRT, trailed two of the suspects, Abdulazeez Muhazab and Ishiaka Salihu, to a house at Karamajiri, behind Military Area, Cemetery, off Airport road, Abuja, recovered several detonators, chemicals in both liquid and powder form used for making bombs and other readymade bombs.

However, sources at the Force Headquarters Abuja, disclosed that the exhibits and intelligence gathered from the scene of the explo­sion, were actually produced by the group.

The suspects also, mentioned one Haulaki in military custody and Umar, as their leaders in Abuja. Haulaki, whose real names are Ab­dulwaheed Nasiru, was handed over to the police and during interro­gations confessed and disclosed the addresses of three houses within Abuja, Suleija and Niger State, where they produce and store explo­sives. It was gathered that the operatives also proceeded to Gauaraka area in Suleja, Niger State, Iddo Village off Airport road Abuja and at Dan Asato area of Sulieja, where five readymade IEDS, chemicals used for bomb mak­ing, detonator, HP laptop, two books on chemical and engineering materials were recovered. An Ipad, loaded with IED, plate number of a car, scale, digital mil­limeter and a knife were also recovered. It was gathered that the Haulaki, also led the operatives to Galadima area, where a senior member of the sect, Adulahi Na­sir, who is also a local electronic engi­neer was arrested.

[Reported By Chioma Igbokwe Saturday Sun]

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  1. God have mercy on ur children o! Our intelligence officers still have a lot of work to do! Frm this information now, it shows there are bomb everywhere! Particularly in Abuja. Just imagine! Imam is even the brain behind this blood thirsty monsters. What exactly are the muslim teaching in their mosque? Religion of peace indeed! How can u derive pleasure in killing innocent people everyday! I don’t just understand this. The government should provide bomb detector and carry out house to house search in all the northern states. There should be no exception! I think this will go a long way in eliminating or reducing problem at hand.

  2. This religion is a DEAD RELIGION, FULL OF ILLITERATES AND ANIMALS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS, a religion that has 95% illiterates world wide how do you expect human behaviour from them apart from ANIMALISTIC attitude… foooooools.. when will you be wise. dying to go and fuck 7 virgin, i can asure all of you that when you die even ASHAWO, bet it you would not have to fuck… when you die your penis would erect for evalasting but you would not even get ashawo to fuck. God punish all of you for killing innocent people.

    • Rapo and fake halima both of you are a *****. Where did u get your fact from that 95% muslim are illiterates.Where were u when they arrested ur Christian brother performing the same act .It was posted in this forum.If u want to propagate Christianity must u condemn Islam . What those guys are doing is strictly unislamic. Please go to Jerusalem and see if u have more churches than mosque . Go to real Greek and latin bible you will find muhammad saw. Name in their. Show us in bible where God said u should practice Christianity, show us where God said u should go to church on Sunday … ******. Where else in d world do they pay *****. . Definately not in uk and America.

  3. what i read today about this man confesses,saying Imam persuaded him and others to join ,innocent killing,rob,kidnapping and calling other peacefull people unbelivers, his blood brother amoung the sect,now peacefull Igbirra tribes living in Abuja brain wash them.that reason am total steping down from Islam,afterall am yoruba,we are mix in my familie,Muslim,Christian and traditional belive,they Islam they are doing in the norther,many parts of arab and asia country is not peace 1,is killer 1.we should not let our kids move to Norther part or northern living in west,south ,east e.t.c,closer to them,b4 they brain wash them,this is dangerious and getting out of hand.majority of Muslim Cleric are not educated,they say western education is a sin,their we get big problem,cos animal as no brain,of thinking peace and others are didfferent than me,animal only know,is my own only,do as i said or we fight to die.In Quran, said u dont give life and u cant take live,cos is God Almight who give and Take life anytime he want,anybody who kill what i create will never go to heaven ,is 1 way ticket to hellfire, so why Cleric teahing young innocent men with animal brain to kill others.u can say someone is unbeliver, since is alive,only if that person die doing what u said is against God, will,then is unbeliver,so this so call unbeliver i cant understand it atall, i read Quran and Bible both very well even Hadat,so they can do this brain wash thing to me, those educated person following them,is lake of jobs, when finish nothing doing,just sit with group of animal,started telling things they don know,theirself,just to look high and people repect them,system fall down,then comes something like Boko,Robbers, Kidnapping and Ritualist.Gov.should create Jobs,for educated and none educated youths,things like this will wipe away, by God grace,but leaders milk dry the coffer,send Amry no weapon to fight killers,it wont work.may God Almght who knowns who whorship him better,bring peace and anwers our prayers,peace in naija.

  4. Let’s not miss d mark here frnds,,,it’s not abt a particular Religion alone,let’s look at it 4rm d angle of d atrocities committed against man & God thru man 2 his fellow man in d name of Religion.
    They all are leadin millions of pipple astray daily,& nobody even d government ever attempts lookin inwardly in2 d doctrines of these various Religious groups 2 check mate them. If there cud b a regulatory system 4 education why not 4 Religion as well?
    NIgeria got it wrong 4rm d beginin by allowin various religious groups whereby any1 can wake up over 9t & establish 1 religion or d other. It’s saddenin!
    D way dis boko haram of a tin’s goin,,it is absolutely obvious now dat God alone’s d only Saviour we’ve got now. I reserve my comments!

  5. dis is not a matter of pastors , this is a matter of moslem clerics, alfas ,Allah wants to disgrace them . i am a moslem from kaduna state but my brothers are all christians. am the only woman in the family bcos i join my parents to mosque.allmy brothers change to christian bcos moslem like too much problem and killing . what dis man say is true . they always teach us to kill anyone who dont believe in prophet mohammed. the last brother is a moslem but join christian bcos our alfa is worrying him to join boko haram .many big men in govt. sponsor boko haram to kill innocent people .

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