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An Open Letter To President Jonathan Over His Insensitive Comment On Boko Haram

Boko Haram News Update in Nigeria

An Open Letter To President Jonathan Over His Insensitive Comment On Boko Haram

goodluck jonathan boko haram bombing comment

Dec 26, 2011 – An Open Letter To President Jonathan Over His Insensitive Comment On Boko Haram

Here is an open letter on behalf of concerned Nigerians to President Goodluck Jonathan over his insensitive comment on Christmas Day Bombing by Boko Haram. If you miss this news, read the details here

According to Jonathan, “The issue of bombing is one of the burdens we must live with until it fizzles out.”

Several Nigerians have condemned the incident and here are the top 2 letter to him:


Police adjacent to the churches were most probably busy collecting bribes, passed the bomber through after he must have parted with a little bit more than usual.

The northern leaders do not see anything wrong in this kind of attacks as long as mosques are left alone. They run their mouth calling for this and that summit with emptiness coming out of the summits. Arrest some of the sects sponsors and other northern leaders step into the sponsorship position. This sect serve the northern leaders ultimate goal that the introduction of sharia law (not that the leaders obey this laws) failed to achieve and that is to give the Muslim north dominance over the affairs of the country called Nigeria. They make it easy for recruits coming into the country from Niger, Chad and so on. Focus more on the foreigners in our midst and you would be towing the right path toward crushing this insurgency. Stop celebrating your little achievements in dealing with this insurgency and focus more on putting something consistent into place to crush same. Eliminate some and more come in through the absolutely porous thing called the Nigeria border line. The Lucifer anointed religious leaders should be monitored, the source of fund coming into their institutions should be monitored.

If the military could organize the partial arm clean up they did recently, why not do that on a regular basis and extend same to the south west, south east and south south. Give this security strategy a bigger play and you would be doing national security a great good in the whole nation not just the northern region. Too many weapons available in the country, mostly those brought in by the treasury looters, sorry, politicians, during their campaign and by those who just profit from selling weapons. Clean this country of the arms on a consistent basis.

Mr President talks tough, the citizens see him as weak in action. It is always “we are going to do this and that starting from today”, six months or a year after the talk, the story becomes “we would now start implementation because there were things that had to be put in place”. Another six months down the line, the talk becomes “now we are ready to go” and so forth. This has become the Nigeria Government way regarding everything (roads, power supply, security, and so on). This has gradually worked it way into becoming the people way of talks, no action. The big professors and money bags talk, they have the capacity to do something little (boreholes, roads, security) in their domains but do nothing unless they would be rewarded with national honors or contracts in million of folds. They wait until they become politicians and join the other “big talkers”.

The citizens praise treasury looters, want to be their friends, hail their wives and mistresses, look with envy upon their children, relatives and friends. Some citizens do this because of the hunger in their belly, some are outright greedy for this affiliation to the treasury looters. How do you praise thieves, their children, their friends, their relatives and mistresses? Why not do it the right way and say “that is the son of that thief going over there, that is the wife of the thief, that is the father of that thief, mother of the thief, that is the the thief’s friend, that is the musician that love praising thieves” and so on. You can also go like this “na the barawo dey go so, na the barawo pikin be dat, na the barawo wife be dat, na the barawo friend dey go so, na the barawo praise singer be dat” and so on. Also this way, “na the ole dey go so, na the ole friend de dat, na the ole mama wear dat big head gear”, na the ole pikin det spray money for dat party so, na dat musician wey like to praise oles be dat” and so on. Add your Naija flavor to this praises but do not leave out the thieving part


Dear Mr. President,

We should say Merry Christmas but we are not your government, we are not in the business of deception. After almost ten hours of gathering your thoughts to speak on the bomb blasts that rocked the nation yesterday, you still fell short of your own very low standards.

What did you intend to say when you said Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with? Why do you bother to budget over a trillion for security if we must live with the burden of insecurity? How come you are still a president? We do not blame you, we blame our older ones who were stupid enough to think that where you come from and your religion was all you needed to be a competent president.

They are crying now. We all cried yesterday on the darkest Christmas day of our short lives.

While we cried and left Christmas postponed for another year, we watched as you danced your life away like there was no tomorrow. Is it true that all you care about is the fact that you are the president so whatever can happen should happen. Last night we prayed for you. We prayed that the white men should be able to make common sense so that we can budget for it and then you will have it in abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that you are grossly lacking in common sense.

If you weren’t, you would never come out to tell a mourning nation that it should get ready to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity. That was utterly insensitive and even the dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian children would never descend that low to an unprecedented level of cluelessness.

We understand this is not a sane country, if this was a sane country, your ilk will not be in a job. Your security chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would have been throwing resignation letters left right and centre. But then, here is a place where people are satisfied with just being in positions that they are clueless about what to do in such positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you in 2011. What plans are you making for 2012? Do you realise they have since improved while your security tactics remain stop and search? Do you realise they are far more coordinated than ever before? Have you thought of engaging more intelligence in curbing this menace instead of just mere brute? Yes, you have issues with concentrating for long, why not budget for a concentrator? That way you are conditioned to at least focus on being the president of Nigeria instead of our national chief chef? You are wondering where that came from? It came from cassava bread sir. You chose the menu for 2012 but we hope you realise that Boko Haram certainly has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to attack again in the New Year, do what you have never done before, get your security chiefs to prevent that by all means. Contrary to your assertion, we are not prepared to live with the burden of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work and stop excusing your inability to deal with Boko Haram on the premise that they are a necessity. What is that? If you cannot lead and be a president, help yourself and resign. Please take your vice-president along. You are a twin set of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind words, not because we are in the mood to be nice to you but because we are children and respect is a value we want to live with but our lack of it sometimes is a burden you must live with as long as you force us to live with your Boko Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy yesterday but we figured it would be better to send this before you get our other letter. As long as your cluelessness reigns supreme in this country, we will always remind you of our angst and stake in this nation. It is not by force to live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the right things, say the right things and learn to get the basic things right.

The Bomb Blasts darkened our Christmas but your response dampened our mood even further. This is not the way to lead a people. If you need help, we will nominate one of us to offer you words of wisdom for free. As it is, you look overwhelmed by the mere job of providing security for Nigeria let alone the other duties you swore to carry out for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good place to start.



  1. Gabriel Nagaba

    December 27, 2011 at 7:02 AM

    Am really ashamed with ur statement over the blast that just occurred to the people of God Mr. President. Is so ashame.I never knew u are such a loose thinker, heartless and merciless. God! How i wish five of ur family members were among the victims and lets hear if u will make such a statement. Is not ur fault sha. But for this statement God will surely punish u

  2. Ekybest

    December 27, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    President Badluck Jonathan should just resign in shame. He has failed dis country! When he came, we all thought dat we have gotten a mesiah, behold, he is now ther worst. I just pray that the next bomb blast should be at his home in Abuja or Bayelsa, so that he will say that to his mourning family!

  3. wasiu balogun

    December 27, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    Hi Mr. President, remember your promises, that if you of nobody can make it, we all would make it. Is this how we’re going to make it? In a bomb blast? I don’t blame you, i blame who ever cast their vote for you. How i wish a member of your family was involved in the blast!

  4. John

    December 27, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    Over 30 somethings years norther region hausa they are rule this country no other tribe in south west.south – south.south easth trouble they rulies.but now south south is ruling the hausa tribe they beging bombing nigeria.If this continue it may cause war in this country.If hausa they no want goodlucky to take this country forward this bombing may cause war and division

  5. Chris

    December 28, 2011 at 7:26 AM

    Hi, My people, the president is just one person, he cannot be every where at the same time, we should know that charity begins at home. please let us help the president to help us. we should stop pointing fingers and start doing what is right, for you and I can make a better Nigeria when we stop corrucption and start loving eachother. no vex say I talk true.

  6. femi

    December 28, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    Mr. President never mind its all distraction, it took USA 235yr before they got to this stage even then they were bomb blasted by Osoma over 10yr ago. lets put our heads together and fight for oneness in this country.

  7. David

    December 28, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    @Femi— so Nigerian should wait for 235years before they can be well staged,where would you be in that years to you supporting destruction or construction.Its better Nigerians lives like old days back then that moving forward because old days is better off now.

  8. ahmad bashir

    December 29, 2011 at 5:44 AM

    alhamdulilla, we the peaple of nigeria, especially the muslims that live at nothern part of it. We seek the help of the president during crises at JOS but no one of the goverment rulers try to help on that, but its now that the boko haram touch the christens then the preside talk about it. So this proves that he is trying to invole crises and triberlisms to his peaple.

  9. someone who cares

    January 5, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    mr president i know you have great plans for nigeria but i think you RUNNING THE COUNTRY ON YOUR OWN,where is GOD remember GOD first and decisions will be perfect i think before you carryout decisions or make statements there should be proper thinking on the effect on the people so you dont hurt peoples feelings. secondly your running nigeria based on fear remember he said don not be afraid if your being righteous or truthful and your hands are clean i think you should also go and pray then imbile the fear of God and integrity by that nigeria will have a headway have a prper plan think of the positive negative and a wayout you cant be so perfect but when nigerians see action they will support you

  10. someone who cares (esther)

    January 5, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    it still me sir i think what you need to do first now is not just a state of emergency but to call all governors in nigeria given them a dead line of six months to do something for their states just like fashola has done its painful to hear that fashola a Muslim has much integrity than most christian governors who steal and not work i will not jugdge if fashola takes anything but he his working we can see proofs.sir its true you cant be everywhere but we have division of labour divide the duty among everyone let each governor do something in their state at list roads, water, little amenties they can do your the president and any governor fails you have reasons to impeach by this people dont just eat but work and the salaries for the miniters and senetors is too attractive reduce it how many will run for the seat nigeria is the only country with too many persons on the cabinate
    also your feeding bill is 1billion thats too much why is nigeria responsible for your feeding when your not working please the fuel sucidy is a good plan but not for now its too early sir you still have 3years to go leave that and face the important of amenities and security by telling each ggovernor to give account of what they have done not just on the major cities in their states but also the other parts inside its possible for you to go round nigeria in a month to supervise what has been done by these fuel removal wont affect anyone even if you guys “take money” people wont feel it because we can see proof but when when your have the fear of God is there need to take whats not your share please i pray and wish the president reads these if he does get it i will love him to mail me please let the president get these not just his PA

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