An Open Letter To Cossy Orjiakor & Tonto Dikeh: Have Respect For Your Culture

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Jan 17, 2013 – An Open Letter To Cossy Orjiakor & Tonto Dikeh: Have Respect For Your Culture

A Nigerian woman identified as Ngozi Kanwiro has opened up her mind on what she termed “wayward lifestyles” of Nollywood actresses Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh.

Ngozi was forced to write this letter over an adult picture of Cossy Orjiakor that went viral on several blogs on Tuesday.

Below is a copy of the letter.

The unscrupulous lifestyles of Igbo NOLLYWOOD Actresses, Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh are just becoming too unbearable.

This duo has ignorantly and intentionally refused to stop their no-longer interesting/entertaining lifestyles that are now tarnishing the image of the Igbo female group as a whole.

It is so disheartening how Cossy has continued to tarnish the image of our Igbo sisters through her dirty lifestyles that now give all Nigerians the impression that Igbo ladies are all prostitutes using their bodies to climb to the ladder of fame in all works of life, whereas in reality, it is not true, rather it is being practiced by few unscrupulous Igbo girls who have nothing else to offer to the Nigerian society aside exposing their God-given feminine physique in sexual-appealing manner to gain popularity, and by giving out their supposed holy-bodies to men (married and single) so long as he can pay the price.

Please Cossy and Tonto, Nigerians and most importantly, Ndigbo are no longer finding your ugly, dirty lifestyles funny, please you girls should turn a new leaf this new year and embrace God in your lives for your own good. You two maybe thinking that you are on top of the game, but you are only causing yourselves more harm than good, and if you ladies refuse to change for better, you will surely reap a negative fruit in future to come.

Finally, I am using this medium with other mediums to follow, to call on the Ohanaeze Ndigbo society to please write personally to Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh to change their lifestyles as soon as possible, and if they fail or pay deaf ear, then the Ohanaeze Ndigbo should write to NOLLYWOOD, PMAN, Nigeria Censorship Agency, and every other entertainment industry in Nigeria through the major national dailies in Nigeria, to ban them from participating in Nigerian entertainment industries of any kind.

This is so sad because they are no longer entertaining Nigerians but rather teaching the upcoming Nigeria youths bad moral conducts.

Just see the unimaginable picture an African woman of Igbo origin posted publicly online in the name of entertaining her so-called fans. Yes, such rubbish can be done in the west, this is Africa, Nigeria and this also goes beyond to tarnishing the name of Igbo tribe. Spread this message as fast as you can. Thanks.

30 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Cossy Orjiakor & Tonto Dikeh: Have Respect For Your Culture

  1. Useless and shameless girls. Must she expose her body to be famous? May God forgive us.
    Sometimes people forget the existence of God

  2. Which useless body a they flaunting sef? Let them go and sit down for Gods sake. After all their useless life style they will end up as a single mother or rather they will end up as a second wife, husband snatchers.

  3. my thing is that they are not the only people displaying this kind of madness, it cuts across, infact there are many of them. they should all take caution and behave. I really think they don’t know what they are doing bcos the devil is in charge of their lives; I can’t imagine someone that is normal doing this, shame will not even allow you. lets just pray for them, please.

  4. Actually I do not agree with the writer of this article. Every human being especially when you are adult,has a fundamental right of choice and the law permits it so long as you are not a threat or menace to the society. I also disagree that the two ladies mentioned are tarnishing the image of Ibo girls. I have seen Yoruba,calabar,delta,fulani girls do worse on twitter,facebook and even more so,real life. Do I need to mention that po**ography is being taken to a whole new level using social media. Oh conduct some searches on twitter,you will see for yourselves what sisters all over are doing. You will find a vast catalog of ladies up for sexual entertainment. The pics will show you what you are gonna get,letting nothing left to imagination.
    I don’t condone p**nography,neither do I condone immorality,but what I hate is this self righteous and over holy attitude we Nigerians exhibit. Women do all sorts of stuff,while tonto and Cossy are single girls who really are not in the market desperately hunting for husbands as is the norm here,I have seen married women engaging in worse immorality.
    Some people have esteem problems,mental illnesses that makes them feel worthless until they engage in behaviors they feel will exhalt their personalities. We shouldn’t be too quick to judge them or condemn them to hell rather let us empathize with them,find ways to help them,pray for our own souls and that of our children.
    No society is perfect,Ohaneze isn’t,PMAN and Nolly aren’t. Let’s not swallow pain medication for other peoples pains. We have all done stuff we are not proud of,and the writer of this letter has too,just maybe behind closed doors. Cossy and Tonto didn’t act p**n,they only are notorious for misdemeanor and indecent exposure. Even if they did,the only difference between them and most ladies is just a camera lens and shutters
    Engage me on twitter if you like @countproject

    • mama
      thanks 4 ur comment and ur understanding,wat we need do is to pray 4 dem 2 change.we have all done stuffs we were not proud of yet we changed. God mercies is sufficent.wat we all need is God.

    • If u want our children and the generations to come to be better than this,then u have to call a spade a spade,if ur a child of GOD,then u should shun evil when u see 1.selah.

  5. @ counter project if they do anything behind closed door no body will condem them. Let them immitate our mother Blessed virgin mary and things will change for better in their lives

    • I will be shamed don’t get me wrong. I reiterated I don’t support indecent exposure and pornography but I also understand the human need to feel good about themselves. She better be doing that than attempting suicide.
      What I hate is a portrayal that its only Ibo girls that are capable of this kind of disgrace. Its a very myopic view since many Ibo girls are responsible. Finally,we shouldn’t be too quick to pass judgment on people because no one is saintly. Be ashamed for me all you want,but deep down I know you have been ashamed of yourself many more times.


  6. Yes that’s why I said the difference between them and most girls is the cameras. Well,they need your prayers very much too
    Oh one more thing,Cossy’s twitter followers seem to be exponentially growing recently,I don’t follow her but I’m sure some of people who come here with criticisms are there expecting to see more.

  7. Yes that’s why I said the difference between them and most girls is
    the cameras. Well,they need your prayers very much too
    Oh one more thing,Cossy’s twitter followers seem to be
    exponentially growing recently,I don’t follow her but I’m sure some of
    people who come here with criticisms are there expecting to see

  8. @countproject,
    I agree wit u all we need do is to pray for lost souls not 2 judge,we all have done stuffs that we were not proud of yet Gods mercies located us and 2day we are changed.Remember God didnt come for the saint.pray instead of condemming.

  9. All of you should face ur own life n leave these girls alone. they ar professionally trained entertainers, besides who ask u to follow their activities? una even do d worst undrer covers.

  10. Those gals or rather women nogo kill person. May God have mercy on their almost useless life. Shame on them. They dont represent us. I wonder what kind of parents they had/have. Anuofia dika ha… Ezi kafa bu.

  11. unfortunately, Nollywood and Bollywood are just aping Hollywood. Meanwhile, Africans are being murdered to bring the diamonds back to the US. We remember the song, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

  12. what a shame im from the middle belt and fm a decent family such behaviours exihbited by Cossy and Tondi dike are barbarick that also tells any normal good thinking person the kind of family such idols came from its true when our elders says LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGTHER and i think thier parent if they are alive are hapi to see what there daugther have turn to. public dogs and pits

  13. The annoying thing about this young lady is that tomorrow she will become born again and even open a ministry and she would begin to convert people to her religion using her past life as case study.

    I know sometimes in your quite time or sober time you reflect and ask yourself if what you are doing is right. You fight with your conscience and try to prove you are right but deep down you know you are completely wrong.

    At the end of the day, if you do not give your life to Christ, the devil whom you have been serving will make your life so miserable that you will resort to committing suicide.

    Just watch this space and in no distance time you will agree with me. Do not deceive yourself, from your pictures you are gradually entering your 50s which means gradual entry into mono purse. When every where will be dried up and all the people deceiving you now will take off. You are indeed a foolish woman

  14. D fact dat everybody does it does not make it ryt, it is a big shame to womanhood, dey can do behind closed doors no wahala, bt d fact dat dey ve come on cameras n evn internet has made it shameful n it shows disrespect for oneself, goin naked dos not make an ugly woman butiful, d world is watchin n our young ones re also learnin, Nollywood is supposed to be an art of learnin, educatin n affectin lives positively not for destruction n immorality……Tonto is not trying!

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